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Community Safety

Helping horse owners prepare for bushfire

A joint effort was the key to success in engaging the wider community.

 4.27 PM 18 November, 2015

Local brigades at Ritchies

Brigades such as Yarra Glen brigade will be out in force this weekend supporting Ritchies by running a BBQ outside the Yarra Glen Ritchies store.

 3.54 PM 18 November, 2015

Rockbank Fire Brigade seeking volunteers now

On Sunday 25 October, Rockbank Fire Brigade with the support of Caroline Springs, Truganina and Metropolitan Fire Brigade attended the Sri Durga Festival to promote the brigade within the growing community. 

 3.20 PM 18 November, 2015

Total Fire Bans declared amid extreme fire danger

Total Fire Bans have been declared for the Mallee, Wimmera, Northern Country and North Central fire weather districts from 12.01am Thursday 19 November 2015.

 3.12 PM 18 November, 2015

Don’t risk the holiday from hell

CFA is urging holiday home owners to ensure their properties are fire safe, after a Melbourne couple made a lucky escape from their burning house in the state’s north-east earlier this month.

 9.24 AM 18 November, 2015

Total Fire Ban declared as conditions worsen

CFA has declared a Total Fire Ban for the Mallee fire district for Wednesday 18 November.

 3.18 PM 17 November, 2015

Total Fire Bans declared

A Total Fire Ban has been declared for Tuesday, 17 November 2015 for the following fire weather districts: Mallee Wimmera

 3.39 PM 16 November, 2015

VicEmergency website updated for summer

The VicEmergency website at has been updated for summer to provide the Victorian community with one, centralised location for emergency warnings and information.

 1.41 PM 11 November, 2015

SE brigades prepped for property advice visits

More than 130 volunteers from 30 brigades across CFA's South East Region are now ready to deliver fire safety advice to communities under the Property Advice Visit Service.

 12.46 PM 11 November, 2015

CFA & SES deliver Safety Information in Jindivick

Drouin West Fire Brigade has been delivering Fire Safe Kids programs to both Jindivick & Drouin West Primary Schools for a number of years. This year they decided to adopt an “All Hazards” approach and combine with Warragul SES to pilot a program in which students were taught important safety information from both agencies.

 1.56 PM 5 November, 2015

Visit us at Ritchies this weekend

Last weekend some of our brigades including Diamond Creek brigade were at the local Ritchies handing out fire safety information and Ritchies Community Benefit Cards to the community.  

 8.55 AM 5 November, 2015

The value of Community Fireguard

In its 22-year history, CFA’s Community Fireguard Program (CFG) has notched up some special achievements.

 11.39 AM 2 November, 2015

Emergency Medical Response at South Morang

South Morang residents will benefit from the roll out of Emergency Medical Response (EMR) to career firefighters at the local CFA.

 3.06 PM 30 October, 2015

Pledge count surges

The overall pledge count has surged past 8,000 in CFA’s Fire Safety Pledge competition with Point Cook Fire Brigade taking a commanding early lead in the overall brigade category. 

 2.32 PM 30 October, 2015

Roadside burning at Toolern Vale

Roadside hazard reduction burning is a critical task for a number of brigades around the state. And Toolern Vale is no exception.

 8.45 PM 29 October, 2015

CFA represented at 2015 ANZBA Conference

From 20 to 23 October 2015, Melbourne hosted the Australian New Zealand Burn Association conference which saw over 300 delegates from numerous countries such as Australia, USA, Philippines, Hong Kong, Brazil, New Zealand, Singapore, France and Malawi.

 8.14 PM 29 October, 2015

Victorians warned about summer fire risk

Victorians are urged to start preparing for the upcoming fire season as Fire Action Week kicks off today. 

 10.50 AM 29 October, 2015

Olinda brigade hosts session on bunkers

On Wednesday 21 October, Justin Leonard, lead researcher of CSIRO’s Bushfire Urban Design team, presented a session to Olinda residents on private bushfire bunkers/shelters.

 12.04 PM 26 October, 2015

Wonthaggi Open Day

Over 300 people visited Wonthaggi Fire Brigade Sunday 25 October.

 7.54 AM 26 October, 2015

2016 CFA fundraising diary

The 2016 CFA Community Fundraising Diary is now available to order for only $20 from the

 12.40 PM 23 October, 2015