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Incidents - Bushfire

Fire Updates: Lake Rowan & Stewarton

The Lake Rowan fire has burned 5,639 hectares of private grassland and sections of the Warby-Ovens National Park. 

 7.56 AM 18 December, 2014

Wodonga West fire could worsen on Tuesday

Firefighters warned people yesterday in West Wodonga to prepare for the possibility that a fire burning 6 kilometres west of the city could threaten properties on the urban fringe on Tuesday 16 December.

 8.44 PM 15 December, 2014

Fast moving fire at Harrow

Eleven CFA crews are fighting a fast moving 200-hectare grassfire at Harrow, north of Hamilton.

 5.08 PM 11 December, 2014

Fire at Pine Lodge

Thirteen tankers and an aircraft have brought a fire at Pine Lodge under control.

 12.52 PM 11 December, 2014

Yandoit grassfire threatens properties

A grassfire started at approx 3.30pm today (Saturday 6 December) in Yandoit, north-west of Melbourne. The fire was fanned by a south-easterly wind which pushed the fire in a north-westerly direction.

 6.17 PM 6 December, 2014

Busy afternoon for Kyneton, Redesdale

A grass fire at Kyneton was brought under control at 4pm this afternoon (Friday 5 December), with twelve CFA attending.

 4.34 PM 5 December, 2014

Little River grassfire burns 10 hectares

For the second time in 2 days. CFA crews have battled a grassfire at Little River.

 3.03 PM 2 December, 2014

Four choppers tackle Avenel fire

A slow-moving bushfire started by lightning has burnt through 75 hectares in steep, rocky territory east of Mt Rose near Avenel on Monday 1 December.

 1.56 PM 1 December, 2014

Grass fire at Little River

Four CFA tankers have responded to a grass fire near Little River which started at 10am and burnt through four hectares of grassland.

 10.56 AM 1 December, 2014

Tussock burns in Gisborne

Just before 1pm on Saturday afternoon (15 November), Gisborne and Sunbury fire brigades were paged to a reported burnoff out of control in Runnymede Lane in Gisborne.

 8.48 PM 20 November, 2014

Crews battle Eldorado grassfire

More than 25 ground crews have battled along side a water bombing helicopter and bulldozer to stop a fire reaching homes in the township of Eldorado, in northeast Victoria.

 5.23 PM 10 November, 2014

Burnoff gets out of hand at Plumpton

Just before 6pm last night (30th October), Caroline Springs and Melton Fire Brigades, along with MFB, were responded to a reported "burnoff out of control" in Plumpton Road, near the Melton Highway in Plumpton.

 9.28 PM 31 October, 2014

Torquay grassfire

CFA crews are fighting a grassfire in a paddock near Ballyliffen Crescent in Torquay.

 1.59 PM 31 October, 2014

Praise for crews at Hillside grassfire

An early reminder of a likely busy fire season came to Hillside, north-west of Melbourne, with a grassfire burning more than two hectares of paddocks next to Galli court on Wednesday 22 October.

 4.37 PM 23 October, 2014

Cobaw Field Trip another success

Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16 October saw the seventh successful field trip into the Cobaw State Forst as part of the Cobaw Staff ride. 

 9.32 AM 23 October, 2014

Private burn gets out in the wind

A windy afternoon and smoke near the plantations in Moirs Rd had Trafalgar, Moe and Thorpdale brigades on the road.

 11.21 AM 20 October, 2014

Arthur Haynes on Canadian deployment

Officer in Charge of Mornington Fire Station Arthur Haynes was deployed to Canada as a safety officer. He worked entirely on the Mt McAllister fire, living at a demountable base camp housing up to 380 people near the fireline and beside a runway.

 10.41 AM 3 October, 2014

Wayne Rigg on Canadian deployment

CFA Aviation Officer Wayne Rigg didn’t stray from his area of expertise during his first overseas deployment – not counting Tasmania – working for almost five weeks as a helicopter coordinator or helco  in British Columbia (BC). It’s a role equivalent to Victoria’s air attack supervisor, managing rotary and fixed wing aircraft.

 1.32 PM 30 September, 2014

Busy Sunday for fire services

It was an early taste of the fire season as CFA and DEPI were kept busy attending to various bush and grass and scrub fires yesterday.

 1.12 PM 29 September, 2014

Small grass and scrub fire at Fumina

UPDATE: An Advice Message has been issued by the Department of Environment and Primary Industries at 3:37pm today, Tuesday 9 September, regarding a fire burning in a logging coup at Fumina. The fire is now under control and there is no threat to communities.  ***** An Advice Message was issued overnight for a three hectare grass and scrub fire burning in a logging coup on Fergusons Road at Fumina.

 9.16 AM 9 September, 2014