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Incidents - Bushfire

Kyneton grassfire video

Kyneton brigade has posted a video showing a first-hand view of their efforts to control grassfires on 9 & 10 February.

 11.47 AM 17 February, 2014

Cindy - out of the ashes

This little lady was found by CFA firefighters last Thursday - she’s still a pouch baby but she was found on her own with badly burnt feet following the Mickleham fire.

 8.27 AM 17 February, 2014

Mine fire air quality audio

Elizabeth Radcliffe from the EPA spoke at a press conference this morning on air quality impacts from the Latrobe Valley open cut mine fires.

 2.38 PM 14 February, 2014

All clear in the Mallee

The final all clear has been issued this week for the Mallee fires that started nearly a month ago.

 11.35 AM 14 February, 2014

East Gippsland Fire Update 12/2/14

Community Information Newsletter number 15 Far East Gippsland Fires   East Gippsland Fire Danger Rating: HIGH   Everyone should stay aware of their local weather conditions and have a bushfire survival plan ready. Existing fires are still being controlled and conditions could change quickly.

 1.00 PM 12 February, 2014

VIDEO: Mickleham / Kilmore meeting

A community member has posted video of this evening's community meeting in Wallan to provide information on the Mickleham / Kilmore fire.

 10.24 PM 11 February, 2014

Significant smoke across Victoria

Victorians are being reminded not to call Triple Zero (000) if they see smoke unless they can see flames or a single column of smoke going into the air.

 6.30 PM 11 February, 2014

Fireys battle East Gippsland fires

Firefighters from across Victoria, interstate and New Zealand continue to battle several fires across East Gippsland but with conditions easing in the area, fire services are hopeful the worst has passed.

 1.39 PM 11 February, 2014

Bushfires photo gallery

Media photographers and ordinary members of the public captured the frightening power of yesterday's bushfires through their camera and mobile phone lenses.

 9.00 AM 10 February, 2014

Warrandyte and Mickleham fires

Homes have been destroyed and relief centres have opened as more than 350 fire-fighters battle two fires that began in Mickleham and Warrandyte this afternoon.

 5.30 PM 9 February, 2014

Group Officer on Goongerah fires

Andy Bennett is a longtime Goongerah resident and was the captain of Goongerah Fire Brigade for its first ten years.

 2.09 PM 7 February, 2014

Residents move to safety

Residents directly next to grassland in the Racecourse Road area of Sunbury were advised to 'move to safety' by retreating one or two blocks away from a grassfire this afternoon (Thu 6 Feb).

 2.37 PM 6 February, 2014

Redesdale fire video

Apex Imagery has posted footage of the Redesdale fire showing aircraft and crews at work.

 8.11 AM 6 February, 2014

Gippsland fire update 4/2/14

Issued by Gippsland Regional Control Centre. Eleven fires are still listed as “going” in parts of East Gippsland including Club Terrace, Deddick Valley, Gelantipy and Goongerah.

 5.36 PM 4 February, 2014

Gippsland Fire Situation 3/2/14

A South Westerly wind change moved through Gippsland this afternoon, challenging our fire fighters and providing little relief.  16 fires are still listed as “going” in parts of East Gippsland including Club Terrace, Goongerah, Gelantipy and Goongerah.

 5.34 PM 3 February, 2014

Gippsland fires update

Fire Danger is expected to rise across Gippsland tomorrow with very strong winds and high temperatures bringing a Total Fire Ban throughout the Region.  Eleven fires are still listed as 'going' in parts of East Gippsland, including Club Terrace, Goongerah, Gelantipy and Danes Track north of Bairnsdale.

 6.44 PM 2 February, 2014

Captain on Ouyen emergency

For the first time in living memory, fire threatened to come in to Ouyen on the night on Friday 17 January.

 12.45 PM 31 January, 2014

Fire Commissioner's update (28/01)

An update on fire weather conditions for Victoria.

 10.51 AM 28 January, 2014

Halls Gap Community Meeting

There is a Community Information Meeting being held in Halls Gap on Tuesday 28 January, regarding updates on the Grampians fires.

 9.53 AM 28 January, 2014

Grampians fire update 21 January

HORSHAM INCIDENT CONTROL CENTRE - CURRENT FIRE SITUATION 6.00AM UPDATE: The Grampians Northern Complex fire was declared contained overnight.

 4.50 AM 21 January, 2014