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Incidents - Bushfire

Crews control Plumpton grassfire

2.20pm CFA, DEPI and MFB crews have brought a 25 hectare grassfire at Plumpton under control.

 10.25 AM 7 January, 2014

Lyal fire video

Footage of aircraft, ground crews, and dozers working on the fire at Myrtle Creek / Lyal yesterday afternoon has been posted on YouTube.

 10.21 AM 7 January, 2014

Crews control Lyal fire

More than 150 CFA and DEPI firefighters and 4 aircraft have controlled two fires which threatened properties at Myrtle Creek and Lyal around 3pm on Monday.

 8.44 AM 7 January, 2014

Yielima grass scrub fire

At 6.25pm today a column of smoke was reported coming from the Barmah National Park (NNW of Shepparton). Crews responded to the grass and scrub fire which took some time to gain access to in the park.

 8.43 PM 5 January, 2014

Point Wilson grass fire

**Update** - This fire is now under control. Crews will remain on scene until the fire is extinguished and to ensure no hot spots flare up. The fire burnt approximately 450 hectares. 

 2.22 PM 5 January, 2014

Toolleen grassfire

A grassfire which burnt an estimated 1130 hectares at Toolleen, east of Bendigo, today (26/12) is under control.

 7.14 PM 26 December, 2013

Spontaneous Combustion

A grass fire caused by the spontaneous combustion of a compost bin was rapidly brought under control by Eldorado brigade at the weekend.

 4.50 PM 23 December, 2013

Stay clear of Terrible Hollow - Mt Buggery

Visitors thinking of travelling to the Alpine National Park are reminded that the Terrible Hollow-Mt Buggery fire is in the area of the northern Wonnangatta Valley and they should stay clear of this area.

 12.20 PM 22 December, 2013

High country visitors warned

Fires burning close to popular high country holiday spots have prompted fire authorities to urge holiday makers travelling to the mountains to stay informed and be prepared to alter their plans.

 11.30 AM 20 December, 2013

Grassfires keep fireys busy

CFA crews had a busy afternoon battling two grassfires in the state’s north-east.

 4.21 PM 11 December, 2013

Harvesting fires spark warning

CFA is urging farmers to be extra vigilant during the harvesting period after a spate of fires caused by headers in the past few days.

 9.24 AM 5 December, 2013

A timely grass fire reminder

Gisborne firefighters turned out to a grass fire on the Calder Freeway at New Gisborne on Tuesday around noon.

 9.33 AM 28 November, 2013

Calivil crop fire

CFA has just controlled an 80 hectare grass and scrub fire at Calivil, 70 kilometres north of Bendigo.

 3.19 PM 27 November, 2013

Kaarimba crop fire

CFA has just brought a large grassfire under control in Kaarimba, around 28 kilometres north of Shepparton.

 4.03 PM 22 November, 2013

District 10 peers ready to go

The district 10 peer support team is gearing up for another busy season and, after dealing with the Heyfield fires earlier in the year, they’re well prepared.

 2.29 PM 7 November, 2013

Crop fire at Beauchamp

CFA is battling a crop fire at Beauchamp, approximately 38 kilometres south of Swan Hill.

 3.05 PM 6 November, 2013

Vic fireys on the ground in NSW

More than 500 Victorian firefighters and 55 fire trucks are on the ground in New South Wales today to assist local fire agencies facing extreme fire danger across central New South Wales including the Blue Mountains and Sydney area.

 9.01 AM 23 October, 2013

More Victorians head to NSW

Media Release from Fire Services Commissioner Craig LapsleyVictoria is deploying more firefighters from MFB, CFA, the Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI) and Parks Victoria following a request from New South Wales for additional support in preparation for increased fire danger in New South Wales on Wednesday.

 3.46 PM 22 October, 2013

D8 strike team hits the road

Bangholme Training Campus was the location for another strike team to gather for the trip to assist with fires in NSW.

 11.02 PM 21 October, 2013

More Vic fireys heading to NSW

A second contingent of Victorian firefighters and emergency services personnel has left for NSW today, Monday 21 October, to provide assistance during the state's bushfire emergency.

 2.05 PM 21 October, 2013