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Incidents - Bushfire

From the CO - South Australia deployment

The current fire situation in South Australia around Mallala is yet another chilling reminder of the summer ahead and the impact and devastation of bushfire.

 10.17 AM 26 November, 2015

Bangholme grass fire

Firefighters worked to bring a slow-moving grass fire at Bangholme under control at 5.50pm this afternoon.

 4.06 PM 24 November, 2015

Total Fire Ban declared for the Mallee

The Mallee district will be subjected to a Total Fire Ban on Friday, 20 November 2015.

 4.08 PM 19 November, 2015

Roadside burning at Toolern Vale

Roadside hazard reduction burning is a critical task for a number of brigades around the state. And Toolern Vale is no exception.

 8.45 PM 29 October, 2015

Smoke on the water

Ballarat and Sebastopol Fire Brigades, in consultation with Ballarat City Council, recently undertook a hazard reduction burn at the picturesque Lake Esmond in Canadian, a locality of Ballarat.

 7.59 PM 29 October, 2015

Fire at Monbulk

UPDATE: A fire that burnt approximately four acres at Monbulk late this afternoon is now safe.

 3.25 PM 28 October, 2015

Going the extra mile

Shelley Cowen is a mum of two kids who is doing her bit for the community.

 3.48 PM 19 October, 2015

Little cutie rescue

On Sunday 11 October, the Diamond Creek slip-on was deployed to do night shift at the Lancefield fire as part of strike team 1415. 

 1.39 PM 14 October, 2015

Lancefield and Tallarook fire update

Easing conditions have helped firefighters working on the Lancefield and Tallarook blazes, with the Lancefield fire now 90 per cent contained and downgraded from Watch & Act to Advice status.

 2.30 PM 10 October, 2015

Firefighters get upper hand on major blazes

Victorian firefighters are continuing to work on two significant fires in the northern central region after being able to pull up more than 160 others this week.

 2.12 PM 9 October, 2015

Benloch member’s animal-care offer

Benloch member Shelley Cowen changed the mood of the Lancefield community meeting last night when she stood up with a significant offer.

 1.39 PM 9 October, 2015

CFA crews praised for efforts

CFA firefighters have been praised for their efforts in protecting lives and property during major bushfires this week.

 12.13 PM 8 October, 2015

Busy weekend for brigades

This uncharacteristically warm Grand Final weekend has proven to be a busy one for CFA crews with 62 vegetation fires on Saturday alone.

 11.53 AM 4 October, 2015

Aussie emergency crews head to US

A contingent of Australian and New Zealand emergency personnel will fly to the United States this weekend to assist with fighting more than 100 wildfires burning in the north west of the country.

 4.39 PM 20 August, 2015

Australian fireys assist with Canada wildfires

Ninety-five emergency personnel from across Australia will fly to Vancouver to assist with the escalating wildfire situation in Canada.

 3.30 PM 12 July, 2015

Fire at Benloch

Update at 4.48pm: Firefighters have brought the Benloch fire under control. Crews are likely to remain on the ground overnight.

 3.42 PM 4 May, 2015

Planned Burning Notification System

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) has developed a web-based system to notify people when a planned burn on public land is close to being ignited.

 11.57 AM 27 April, 2015

The Chief fights a fire in Trawool

Chief Officer Euan Ferguson and his wife Kristen travelled to Tallarook Fire Station, south of Seymour, to support an art fundraising event, but ended up fighting a fire in Trawool.

 12.53 PM 5 April, 2015

A poem of gratitude for our fireys

Andrew Guild has written a poem to mark the anniversary of the February 2014 fires in Warrandyte. The fires were contained by CFA crews and they stopped the situation from becoming a repeat of the 1939 bushfire which burnt half of the Warrandyte township to the ground.

 8.32 AM 26 February, 2015

Flowerdale fire controlled

A small grassfire on Whittlesea-Yea Road in Flowerdale has been contained thanks to quick work by fire crews.

 4.37 PM 19 February, 2015