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Photos from Cope Cope fire

These photos of the Cope Cope crop and grassfire were taken by Wayne Rigg. Wayne is an Acting CFA Aviation Officer and was the Air Attack Supervisor at the incident.

 8.07 AM 28 December, 2012

Crop fire burns over 500 hectares

A large grassfire north of St Arnaud in the state’s west has been contained.

 8.04 PM 27 December, 2012

Busy day for firefighters

District 7 fire brigades were kept busy yesterday (December 23) and overnight attending a range of incidents including a grassfire, hazmat, house fire, rescue and car accident.

 11.10 AM 24 December, 2012

Machinery destroyed at Rosebud tip

A fire is estimated to have caused more than $800,000 damage after a front-end loader was destroyed at the Rosebud tip last night, 17 December.

 7.58 AM 18 December, 2012

Tatura hay stack fire

Farmers are being reminded to closely monitor the temperatures in their hay stacks after a blaze in Tatura (near Shepparton).

 1.23 PM 6 December, 2012

District 2 CFA Ops Report December

Report for District 2 meetings December 2012 by Operations Manager Mark Gilmore.HAPPY and SAFE Christmas to all.

 5.50 PM 5 December, 2012

Weeding leads to burns injuries

A 60 year old man has sustained burns to his hands and lower legs after using flammable liquids as a weed killer around his garden at home in Craigieburn.

 8.33 AM 17 November, 2012

Lake Eppalock boat fire

Investigations will centre on a possible fuel leak or spill, after a speed boat caught fire at Lake Eppalock, Sunday 4 November.

 11.57 PM 5 November, 2012

Wooreen hay baler and shed fire

CFA is still on scene cleaning up from a hay baler and hay shed fire in Gippsland’s south-west.

 8.59 PM 31 October, 2012

Waste Fire - Pakenham

A significant waste fire in Pakenham prompted the large response of fire crews shortly before 9:10pm last night (27th October)

 10.23 AM 28 October, 2012

Fire at recycling yard

CFA has brought a fire at a recycling yard in Delacombe under control.

 7.09 PM 24 October, 2012

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The blue-green algal (BGA) bloom in the Murray River and tributaries is a significant event. Its complexity in a scientific, technical and environmental context is matched by its impact on and involvement with industry and community.

 2.18 PM 1 April, 2016

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During National Volunteer Week the State Control Centre opened its doors to show volunteers how the centre works and how all agencies work together before, during and after emergencies.

 12.56 PM 20 May, 2016

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As Sunday mornings go, it started out pretty well standard.

 7.00 PM 18 December, 2016