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District 17 HQ brigade's weather monitors

A Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) initiative 10 years ago to gather more accurate weather readings close to going fires has led to the strategic long-term placement of five portable automatic weather stations (PAWS) with fire brigades in Horsham, Wangaratta North and Hazelwood North, and two with the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) at Altona.

 1.05 PM 5 February, 2015

CFA crews deployed to Western Australia

Chief Officer Euan Ferguson farewelled 69 CFA members who are travelling to Western Australia today to help with firefighting efforts in the state’s south west. 

 11.50 AM 3 February, 2015

Fire season - lessons learned to date

As anticipated, we experienced an early start to fire season across our District. Below average rainfall in most parts throughout winter and spring resulted in the early curing of grass, drying of forest fuels, along with below average levels in dams and water catchments.

 10.51 AM 2 February, 2015

New coal mine fire briefing video

A new video has been developed for emergency services personnel to introduce them to the very specific challenges faced when fighting fires in a coal mine.

 11.48 AM 29 January, 2015

Preservation of fire investigation scenes

The CFA Fire Investigation section has developed the Fire Scene Preservation poster to raise the awareness of the importance of fire scene preservation and the process of requesting fire investigation assistance at fire scenes. 

 12.42 PM 12 January, 2015

Total Fire Bans declared for Friday and Saturday

A Total Fire Ban has been declared for Friday, 2 January 2015 for the following fire weather districts:

 3.03 PM 1 January, 2015

Digital listening sets release of tender

CFA has released a Request For Tender for the supply of new digital capable radio scanners (listening sets).

 6.57 AM 23 December, 2014

Launch of the Little River bulk water tanker

On Saturday 6th December, Terry Hedt Captain of the Little River Fire Brigade, along with his brigade members proudly launched their recently purchased 14,000 litre Bulk Water Carrier.

 3.22 PM 18 December, 2014

WATCH: Firebombing safety video

Emergency Management Victoria have produced an important safety video for all firefighters to keep them safe while working in the vicinity of firebombing aircraft this summer.

 12.57 PM 17 December, 2014

Brigade classification changes

The new membership classification changes provide brigades with flexibility to choose a membership model that best suits their needs and that of the community.

 2.06 PM 8 December, 2014

District 2 Operations Manager's Intent - 2014/15

The following points are to provide direction and guidance to all District 2 members in the response to, and management of incidents, consistent with the State Controllers strategic control priorities.

 11.25 AM 8 December, 2014

D2 FOV now online

Valued at over $300,000 the Field Operations Vehicle (FOV) based in Golden Square is now operational. An information sheet has been provided for all brigades.

 9.41 AM 5 December, 2014

Volunteers to trial new rostering system

CFA volunteers in the Maroondah and Yarra Valley Groups will trial CFA’s new online rostering system this fire season.

 9.37 AM 24 November, 2014

TFB declared in the Mallee and Northern Country

CFA Chief Officer Euan Ferguson has declared a total fire ban for Thursday November 20 for the Mallee and Northern Country.  

 5.43 PM 19 November, 2014

First tender for respiratory equipment replacement

CFA and MFB are releasing the first tender for cylinders for the replacement of respiratory equipment via Tenders VIC. Tenders will open today, Wednesday 19 November 2014, and close on Wednesday 17 December 2014.

 12.28 PM 19 November, 2014

Second TFB declared in the Mallee

CFA Chief Officer Euan Ferguson has declared a total fire ban for tomorrow Saturday November 8 for the Mallee district.

 4.04 PM 7 November, 2014

Reminder about female PPC

As a practical acknowledgment of diversity within CFA, female members have had access to specially-designed bushfire personal protective clothing (PPC) since 2012.

 4.54 PM 6 November, 2014

Summer fire key messages

CFA Chief Officer Euan Ferguson has highlighted the key messages for this summer to CFA members in his latest "From the Chief Officer" update.

 12.51 PM 6 November, 2014

Chief Officer's blog: Strike teams

In his latest blog, CFA Chief Officer Euan Ferguson reflects on some of the advice and suggestions for better management of Strike Teams.

 11.41 AM 3 November, 2014

Chief Officer's intent 2014/15

CFA Chief Officer Euan Ferguson has issued his intent for the summer fire season 2014/15.

 2.36 PM 31 October, 2014