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Volunteers to trial new rostering system

CFA volunteers in the Maroondah and Yarra Valley Groups will trial CFA’s new online rostering system this fire season.

 9.37 AM 24 November, 2014

TFB declared in the Mallee and Northern Country

CFA Chief Officer Euan Ferguson has declared a total fire ban for Thursday November 20 for the Mallee and Northern Country.  

 5.43 PM 19 November, 2014

First tender for respiratory equipment replacement

CFA and MFB are releasing the first tender for cylinders for the replacement of respiratory equipment via Tenders VIC. Tenders will open today, Wednesday 19 November 2014, and close on Wednesday 17 December 2014.

 12.28 PM 19 November, 2014

Second TFB declared in the Mallee

CFA Chief Officer Euan Ferguson has declared a total fire ban for tomorrow Saturday November 8 for the Mallee district.

 4.04 PM 7 November, 2014

Reminder about female PPC

As a practical acknowledgment of diversity within CFA, female members have had access to specially-designed bushfire personal protective clothing (PPC) since 2012.

 4.54 PM 6 November, 2014

Summer fire key messages

CFA Chief Officer Euan Ferguson has highlighted the key messages for this summer to CFA members in his latest "From the Chief Officer" update.

 12.51 PM 6 November, 2014

Chief Officer's blog: Strike teams

In his latest blog, CFA Chief Officer Euan Ferguson reflects on some of the advice and suggestions for better management of Strike Teams.

 11.41 AM 3 November, 2014

Chief Officer's intent 2014/15

CFA Chief Officer Euan Ferguson has issued his intent for the summer fire season 2014/15.

 2.36 PM 31 October, 2014

Chief Officer's Intent for the 2014/15 Summer Season

Purpose This document is intended to assist CFA leaders in briefing staff and volunteers on our intent, key messages and priorities for the summer season.  This should be read in with the intent established by the Emergency Management Commissioner and the State Control Team. The intent is to minimise the impacts of emergencies and enable affected communities to focus on their recovery as early as practicable.

 1.52 PM 31 October, 2014

VFF and CFA launch joint trial

This week the VFF Grains Group supported by CFA will launch a trial programme for fire risk management during harvest called the Voluntary Grain Harvesting Guide. This joint initiative of VFF and CFA provides an objective measure for farmers and header operators to manage fire risk.

 4.10 PM 28 October, 2014

Cobaw Field Trip another success

Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16 October saw the seventh successful field trip into the Cobaw State Forst as part of the Cobaw Staff ride. 

 9.32 AM 23 October, 2014

District Volunteerism Coordinators

As reported in September, our team of District Volunteerism Coordinators has started in district offices.

 2.32 PM 20 October, 2014

More help for volunteers

OT&V is getting ready to roll out an important number of initiatives to district offices and into brigades. A range of activities, including briefings and workshops, is planned to ensure the initiatives and the benefits are fully understood.

 9.50 AM 20 October, 2014

Ocean Grove staffed 24/7

Ocean Grove Fire Brigade has transitioned from a day staffing to a 24-hour staffing model, with 12 additional career firefighters coming on board to boost support to volunteer firefighters.

 3.08 PM 17 October, 2014

Tim Wells on Canadian fire behaviour

With a lot of high humidity days and unburnt fuel within control lines, the Canadian fires recently attended by about 80 Australians were primarily slope rather than weather-driven.

 3.52 PM 13 October, 2014

Training Day at Wangaratta for Fire Investigators

Article written by: Operations Officer Mark Collins On Thursday 11 September, fifty members of the Victorian Association of Fire Investigators (VAFI) converged at the Wangaratta Campus to take part in Fire Investigation Training.

 8.06 AM 6 October, 2014

District volunteerism coordinators

In August, the new district volunteerism coordinators began work around the state.

 4.38 PM 25 September, 2014

Weather Forecast, District 27, Victorian Bushfire Handbook, Pre Season Update

Weather Forecast The weather briefing from the Bureau of Meteorology as part of the Commonwealth EMA Annual Preparedness Briefing on 12 September provided the following information in relation to Victoria:

 2.44 PM 23 September, 2014

Chief meets CFA members about new district

Chief Officer Euan Ferguson has met CFA members in the Latrobe Valley to discuss the new CFA ‘District 27’ which will cover the area of Latrobe City Council.

 12.44 PM 23 September, 2014

Introducing a new online rostering system

After successful trials and full consultation with all stakeholders, CFA will begin rolling out a new online rostering system from next month.

 6.09 PM 15 September, 2014