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Your chance to shape CFA review submission

CFA is holding two online sessions next week to seek feedback from members as it prepares its submission to the Victorian Government’s review into fire services.

 3.00 PM 13 August, 2015

Fire Services Review to receive public submissions

Mr David O'Byrne, who has been appointed by the government to conduct the Fire Services Review, is accepting submissions from the general public related to the Review's Terms of Reference (pdf).

 3.41 PM 10 August, 2015

CFA Caravan Club on a membership drive

Formed more than two years’ ago, the CFA Caravan Club is continuing to grow and is on the look-out for new members to join more than 30 already belonging to the group.

 11.37 AM 7 August, 2015

CFA NWR: partnering against violence

On Monday 27 July, some of the best minds in the north-west joined CFA to discuss violence prevention and gender equity at the fourth meeting of the CFA North West Region Violence Prevention Advisory Group (VPAG). 

 10.49 AM 6 August, 2015

Respect for Peer Support program

"Respect is something that works best when mutual. Mutual respect is one of the foundations of the Peer Program. We work from a basis of unconditional positive regard for those we work with, and receive respect and appreciation in return."

 11.33 AM 29 July, 2015

Terry’s touch creates life-like scale model tanker

If he’s not careful, Hurstbridge 1st Lieutenant Terry Bassett, could have a new job on his hands – as the creator of model fire trucks.

 9.22 AM 29 July, 2015

New CFA induction program moves online

New members now have access to an online induction program that provides an insight into CFA’s culture, vision and values, and gives them an in-depth understanding of the organisation.

 9.38 AM 28 July, 2015

Radio communication improves as blackspots removed

Relying on transportable repeaters to cover local command channel radio communication blackspots has all but been alleviated with the last of 78 new transmitters now completed at Mt Tara, near Buchan, in District 11.

 9.44 AM 20 July, 2015

Rosebery Fire Station doubles as museum

On the Henty Highway between Hopetoun and Beulah lies the Rosebery Fire Station which now doubles as the local museum of past community history. Now, as families leave the area, their significant historic memorabilia is passed on to the brigade, and the new station has a permanent display.

 11.46 AM 30 June, 2015

Violence prevention is everyone's business

Mike Wassing admits he is not an expert on violence prevention, but as a father of three girls and a man shocked by the statistics that one in three women has experienced physical violence, he could not sit back and say it was someone else’s responsibility.

 1.47 PM 25 June, 2015

A brigade as a small business

When Diana Ferguson was elected Bayswater captain four years ago she became the first female captain of an urban brigade.

 10.46 AM 15 June, 2015

Emergency Services Blood Challenge commences today

The Red Cross Blood Services Emergency Services Challenge commences today 1 June and continues until 31 August. It’s time again for CFA to prove we have what it takes to save the most lives through blood donation. Let's see if we can top VicPol this year.

 2.32 PM 1 June, 2015

Digital storytelling – an unexpected journey

Sometimes life’s journey can change in unexpected ways. For Tracey Mastropavlos, it was her 16-year-old daughter’s decision to join the Heathcote Fire Brigade in 2006 that led to her becoming a CFA member.

 2.30 PM 29 May, 2015

Winter Brigade emag now online

The digital version of the winter 2015 Brigade magazine is now online. The paper version will be delivered next week.

 2.44 PM 27 May, 2015

Digital storytelling – women in leadership roles

As the first ever female Captain of an urban CFA fire brigade, Diana Ferguson is a champion of women in leadership roles in emergency services.

 12.36 PM 26 May, 2015

Landmark launch in National Reconciliation Week

This week marks a significant milestone for CFA, with the launch of our first Koori Inclusion Action Plan to coincide with National Reconciliation Week from Wednesday 27 May through to 3 June.

 2.33 PM 25 May, 2015

Digital storytelling – why we are part of CFA

Have you ever wondered why people become CFA volunteers? The latest instalment in CFA’s digital storytelling project gives an insight into why our volunteers join and are passionate about being part of CFA.

 9.32 AM 25 May, 2015

What’s new on ‘The Very Handy Template Toolkit’?

‘The Template Toolkit’* just got even more handy with the new Marketing Section, which has been redesigned to save you time and make it easier for you to access the latest CFA templates.

 1.00 PM 20 May, 2015

Dan Neely to speak at CFA State Forum

City of Wellington’s Dan Neely has been confirmed as a keynote speaker at this year’s CFA-SES Community Engagement & Hazard Awareness State Forum in Creswick.

 9.46 AM 15 May, 2015

2015-16 Victorian Budget

The Andrews Labor Government has increased emergency services funding, because making our community safe starts with protecting the people who protect our families.

 1.46 PM 5 May, 2015