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New CFA district goes live

CFA’s first new district since 1962 became operationally active today (Wednesday 1 April), with Bill Johnstone taking on the District 27 Operations Manager role in an official capacity.      

 1.47 PM 1 April, 2015

District 27 goes live

CFA’s first new district since 1962 became operationally active today (Wednesday April 1), with Bill Johnstone taking on the District 27 Operations Manager role in an official capacity.      

 1.31 PM 1 April, 2015

Captains Peer Mentor Program in six districts

During 2015, the Captains Peer Mentor Program (CPMP) is running in six CFA districts.

 10.07 AM 31 March, 2015

Sunraysia training campus update

Construction works at the Victorian Emergency Management Training Centre – Sunraysia continued to progress in March.

 9.49 AM 31 March, 2015

Volunteer Leaders Forum

On 2 and 3 May 2015, the Emergency Services Foundation (ESF) will hold its fourth Volunteer Leaders Forum at the Novotel Hotel, St Kilda.

 10.04 AM 25 March, 2015

CFA/MFB 2015 Fire Services Relay

It’s on again folks! The 6th Annual CFA/MFB 'Two services – one cause' Royal Children's Hospital 14-hour relay.

 9.03 AM 24 March, 2015

Autumn Brigade emag now online

The digital version of the autumn 2015 Brigade magazine is now online. The paper version will be delivered next week.

 11.07 AM 12 March, 2015

CFA teamwork delivers results for Eildon

With a little thought and cooperation between teams, North East Region has effectively used a single event to meet the needs of two significant programs.

 1.45 PM 3 March, 2015

District Volunteerism Pilot

A leadership development pilot underway in District 13 and District 22 A priority for the districts is to support members in the important area of leadership and management skill development.  This is in response to the 2014 CFA Training Survey of members which showed a strong demand for leadership development opportunities.

 9.39 AM 3 March, 2015

Wellbeing Pilot Update

A social media training package The Wellbeing Pilot team has developed a social media training package for all CFA members. This is to help members think about the material they post online and develop a better understanding of CFA’s social media policy. Online conversations should be considered as being similar to face-to-face conversations. Confidential information should not be posted on social media.

 9.27 AM 3 March, 2015

Trailers on the way

Working in collaboration with CFA’s Technical Asset Services engineers, CFA's Mobile Training Infrastructure project team members are working on the introduction of a number of trailers. These trailers will be deployed in rural areas, independently of fixed training grounds, to provide additional training opportunities for members.

 4.06 PM 2 March, 2015

Health, Safety and Environment System

The implementation of a Health Safety Environment management system, a priority for OT&V OT&V will soon introduce a Health Safety and Environment (HSE) management system which will be shared by Victorian Emergency Management Training Centres (VEMTC) across Victoria.

 2.16 PM 2 March, 2015

Draft CFA Volunteerism Strategy feedback

'What members have said' In late 2014, CFA members were invited to provide their feedback on a draft CFA Volunteerism Strategy. The draft strategy puts forward principles, objectives, strategic actions and performance measures to ensure that CFA remains a thriving volunteer-based emergency service well into the future.

 1.46 PM 2 March, 2015

Online one-stop-shop for members

A new one-stop-shop intranet site for CFA members is a step closer with the website design phase now well underway.

 11.37 AM 24 February, 2015

Fiskville inquiry submission

The Victorian State Government through the Environmental and Natural Resource Committee has commenced a Parliamentary Inquiry into the CFA Training College at Fiskville.

 4.49 PM 23 February, 2015

2015 VFBV Junior State Urban Championship Results

The 2015 VFBV Junior State Urban Championships are currently being held on 21st & 22nd of February 2015 at Horsham. The weather is hot and the competition strong between the teams competing in the Under 14 & Under 17 age groups. The following are results to date and will be updated as they become available.

 3.48 PM 21 February, 2015

Gisborne Australian Flag Presentation

Rob Mitchell MP recently visited the crew at Gisborne CFA to present a brand new Australian National Flag, as well as deliver some ‘Thank you Fireys’ balloons to promote National Red Balloon Day.

 10.34 AM 20 February, 2015

Jones Report video update

In 2011, the Jones Report of Inquiry into the Effect of Arrangements made by CFA on its Volunteers was tabled.

 12.00 PM 17 February, 2015

Statewide funding initiatives

Under the Statewide Initiatives component of the Volunteer Emergency Services Equipment Program (VESEP) funding is allocated, in consultation with the VFBV, to assist brigades/groups by providing equipment and amenities. 

 1.47 PM 12 February, 2015