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Members’ club running towards adventure

An informal group of firefighters who took part in charity runs has now become a broader adventure club: from rock climbing and kayaking to mountain biking and snow sports, they’re all on the schedule.

 2.02 PM 10 February, 2015

CFA Surfing Club’s community connection

“Surfing is about getting away from work and enjoying life,” says Frankston Senior Station Officer Andrew Ellerton, one of the 65 members of CFA’s Surfing Club.

 1.20 PM 10 February, 2015

Media Statement - CFA CEO resigns

Mick Bourke has stepped down as chief executive officer of the Country Fire Authority.

 3.27 PM 9 February, 2015

Hitch up to the Caravan Club

During a trip in October 2012 across the Nullarbor to Kalgoorlie, former CFA Board member and ex-captain of Rowville brigade John Raymond saw a caravan set up in an isolated place on the roadside. This vision led to discussions with a number of CFA friends resulting in the idea for the formation of a CFA Caravan Club.

 12.15 PM 9 February, 2015

CFA Golf Club travels to play

The largest club affiliated with CFA’s Sports and Recreation Association (SRA) is the CFA Golf Club with almost 100 members. It officially teed off about four years and Cranbourne Senior Station Officer Rick Read is one of the organisers keen to welcome new members. He has a handicap of 14 but it was 11 just over a year ago, honest!

 11.39 AM 9 February, 2015

Throw in a line with CFA's Smokies Angling Club

Perhaps the oldest club currently operating under the banner of CFA’s Sports and Recreation Association is for keen fisher folk.  Running since the early 1990s, the club currently has about 40 members who enjoy good company as they throw a line into rivers around Victoria.

 1.08 PM 5 February, 2015

Mansfield Volunteer - Australia Day Honours

Story by David Mims (Mansfield). Long serving Mansfield Fire Brigade volunteer Neville Mathieson was honoured this Australia Day in Mansfield, being awarded the Mansfield Shire Council’s Australia Day Senior Citizen of the Year.

 10.16 AM 3 February, 2015

Off-road driver training facilities

The purpose of this project is to provide members and the wider emergency services sector an opportunity to access training facilities that will improve off-road driving skills.

 1.19 PM 30 January, 2015

Brigade Operational Skills Profile report release

The revised Brigade Operational Skills Profile (BOSP) report was recently released.

 9.31 AM 29 January, 2015

Recognition of prior learning info kits online

A series of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) member information kits are available on Brigades Online.

 2.34 PM 28 January, 2015

Puffy pillows big adventure in SA

The quirky story of ‘Puffy’ the pillow’s big adventure to the fires in Adelaide - and home again!

 3.28 PM 23 January, 2015

Thank you from South Australia

The Premier of South Australia Jay Weatherill has written to Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews to express his thanks and praise of CFA firefighters for their recent efforts in South Australia.

 9.53 AM 19 January, 2015

Thank you from Her Majesty the Queen

Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Philip have recognised our firefighters for their recent efforts in both Victoria and South Australia.

 1.52 PM 9 January, 2015

Federal Court hands down its decision

The Federal Court handed down its decision today (Thursday 8 January) regarding the appeals of Justice Murphy’s decision last January. The decision related to a number of issues around the recruitment and allocation of CFA Operational Staff. The court found against CFA in all matters. The decision means that CFA is required to observe all terms of the present agreement as they are written. While this decision is not what we expected, we accept the decision of the Federal Court. We are now considering the implications of the decision and will provide further updates. Regards, Mick Bourke CEO

 3.35 PM 8 January, 2015

Moving about with the MEBU

The CFA Mobile Education Buses (MEBU) Roadshow is again rolling into holiday hotspots this summer.

 11.48 AM 7 January, 2015

South East RLT enacts burn over survival drill

South East Region Assistant Chief Officer Trevor Owen joined the Regional Leadership Team and seven of his operational leaders last Wednesday at the District 10 Headquarters to carry out a burn over survival drill.

 10.44 AM 23 December, 2014

New 'Warnings and Advice' video series

To help people better understand the shared responsibility of being prepared for emergencies this fire season, Victoria's emergency services have produced an informative video series around warnings and advice.

 2.54 PM 16 December, 2014

Volunteer Recruitment Program

The function of CFA Statewide Recruitment is to understand the need for initiatives that attract, recruit and develop an effective volunteer workforce.

 2.14 PM 12 December, 2014

Strategy workshop blog

The CFA Board, Executive Leadership Team and some members of the Senior Leadership Team took part in a one-day strategy workshop in late November to look at the five strategies that fall under CFA’s overarching Towards Resilience 2013-18 Strategy.

 2.04 PM 12 December, 2014

Draft CFA Volunteerism Strategy update

The consultation and engagement with members around the draft CFA Volunteerism Strategy continued in recent weeks, generating important feedback.

 10.42 AM 11 December, 2014