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Reaching new heights

Around 30 CFA staff and volunteers from District 5, along with SES and Ambulance Victoria personnel, visited the new Goldwind wind farm in Morton’s Lane, Woodhouse, west of Dunkeld.

 12.22 PM 29 August, 2013

Lara CFA/Nelson Park PAL Week 4

It was time to show the parents what the students had learnt. Week four and the final of this year’s Lara CFA/Nelson Park PAL program was upon everyone. It was time to go out in style!

 1.57 PM 20 August, 2013

Lara CFA/Nelson Park PAL Week 3

From the moment the students walked in we could tell that they were ready to go.

 6.55 PM 16 August, 2013

New CRC takes shape

The Bushfire CRC's August Fire Update newsletter is out now, featuring information about the new Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC taking shape.

 4.41 PM 13 August, 2013

Mt Gambier SAMFS Visits Casterton

On Thursday night August 8 South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service (SAMFS) crew from Mount Gambier visited Casterton to provide a demonstration of their “Skyjet” aerial appliance.The equivalent truck in CFA is the Teleboom.

 12.10 PM 12 August, 2013

Lara CFA/Nelson Park PAL program

Seven enthusiastic students arrived on Friday 2 August to begin week two of the Nelson Park PAL program.Week two was all about hoses: learning the signals, operating the hose reel, using the hose with water and bowling the hoses out.

 9.38 PM 7 August, 2013

New Springvale Fire Station site

A major milestone has been reached marking the beginning of an exciting new era of emergency management at Springvale.

 5.23 PM 30 July, 2013

Lara /Nelson Park PAL Program

Friday 26 July marked the beginning of the Nelson Park PAL Program. The program is now in its second year after a well received program in 2012.

 4.31 PM 28 July, 2013

Kyneton brigade and ambo training

Monday evening at training, Kyneton brigade coordinated a joint training event with the local Kyneton Ambulance Victoria branch. After attending many incidents together over the past years, we decided it was finally time to get to know each other’s equipment and each other.

 5.02 PM 23 July, 2013

USB sent to all brigades

Last year, CFA launched the Template Toolkit, an online, one-stop shop for all CFA-branded templates, communications materials and advice. It has proven to be popular with our members, so to make it even easier to access we’ve put the most popular templates on a USB memory stick and sent one to every brigade.

 11.27 AM 19 July, 2013

"All hazards approach" in action

At the end of May, Bass Coast Group Officer Damien O'Connor, Operations Manager John Maguire and Operations Officer Brian Brady attended an intense 5 day course at the Australian Emergency Management Institute at Mount Macedon to participate in the Marine Oil Spill Response IMT course conducted by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA).

 5.22 PM 17 July, 2013

Australian Story on Tasmanian fires

This week's Australian Story on ABC television looked at social media activity around the January 2013 fires in Tasmania.

 10.43 AM 16 July, 2013

Police & Emergency Games 2014

It is exciting to announce that in 2014 Melbourne will be playing host to the Australasian Police & Emergency Services Games to be held over the week of  19-24 April, 2014.

 1.13 PM 9 July, 2013

Corio fundraiser helps refugees

More than 100 people from a refugee camp in northwest Thailand will have a new home thanks to money raised at a fundraiser organised by Corio Fire Brigade.

 11.52 AM 1 July, 2013

Wodonga recognises partners

District 24 and Wodonga Fire Brigade hosted a Partnership Appreciation Morning Tea today to allow CFA to recognise the contribution certain organisations make to fulfil CFA’s mission.

 3.36 PM 27 June, 2013

Planned Burning - at Naring

Fuel Reduction and Ecology - a win win burn

 1.27 PM 26 June, 2013

Firestar Spirit

CFA’s roses are blooming again thanks to the new Firestar Spirit.

 1.00 PM 24 June, 2013

Hazmat at Wollert

At approximately 2:30pm on Friday afternoon (21 June), Wollert and Epping Fire Brigades were paged to a reported “dumped drums leaking on the side of the road” in Masons Road, Wollert.

 1.15 AM 23 June, 2013

Bayswater's Steel Bumper Sunday

Sunday the 21st of April saw the first running of the Steel Bumper Sunday Car Show, an event held to assemble a display of classic, historic and modified vehicles that were originally fitted with steel bumpers, Bayswater CFA was the grateful recipient of all proceeds from the day.

 6.18 PM 19 June, 2013

Saving lives 450 mils at a time

Saving lives is all in a day’s work for many CFA members, but until 31 July they won’t need to jump on to the back of a truck to make a difference.

 3.43 PM 14 June, 2013