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Community safety research released

The Bushfire CRC's Fire Update December newsletter is out now, featuring findings from the community safety research task force undertaken after the January 2013 NSW bushfires.

 4.27 PM 20 December, 2013

New research centre launched

The Bushfire and Natural Hazards Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) was officially launched on the lawns in front of Parliament House in Canberra by the federal Minister for Justice, the Hon Michael Keenan on 10 December.

 4.12 PM 20 December, 2013

How communities reacted to bushfire

The Bushfire CRC's Fire Note 119 explores the findings from the community safety research undertaken in New South Wales following large bushfires near Yass, Shoalhaven and Coonabarabran in January 2013.

 5.25 PM 17 December, 2013

Community warnings workshops

Over the past month Brigades in the Knox region have been participating in an innovative community warnings workshop.

 2.51 PM 16 December, 2013

CEO blog: Delay RDDS transition

Transition to the new digital radio dispatch network has been delayed until mid-2014, while the Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (ESTA) works to train the necessary VicFire dispatch operators.

 10.05 AM 28 November, 2013

World first CFA/CSIRO research

Wangaratta residents may see smoke in their area over the next few weeks as CFA and CSIRO undertake new cutting-edge research.

 3.30 PM 27 November, 2013

Scientific smoke in Wangaratta

Wangaratta is hosting a world leading experimental burn assisted by unmanned air vehicles, infrared gear, tankers from the local Erica and Wangaratta groups as well as representatives from NSW RFS.

 4.43 PM 25 November, 2013

Books strengthen bushfire safety

The Bushfire CRC's Fire Update November newsletter is out now, featuring news from the recent book and ebook launch in Melbourne on 23 October.

 2.19 PM 12 November, 2013

Research into managing incidents

Better management of emergency incidents can reduce any adverse consequences on communities.

 12.36 PM 30 October, 2013

Bushfire CRC Fire Update October

The Bushfire CRC's Fire Update October newsletter is now online, featuring a call for volunteers for a study investigating firefighters and fatigue.

 5.06 PM 17 October, 2013

Chief Officer: Update your details

Chief Officer Euan Ferguson is asking all members to update their contact details ahead of the fire season.

 1.17 PM 15 October, 2013

Firefighters needed for sleep study

Bushfire CRC PhD student Grace Vincent from Deakin University is recruiting 50 firefighters from across Australia to help gather important data on firefighters and sleep during multi-day deployments.

 3.31 PM 8 October, 2013

Why do people wait & see?

Different psychological processes between individuals drives decision making. What does this mean for residents who are threatened by bushfire? Why do they decide to evacuate, stay and defend or wait and see?

 1.49 PM 4 October, 2013

Bushfire CRC Fire Update September

The Bushfire CRC's September Fire Update newsletter is now online, featuring a full wrap from the annual Bushfire CRC and AFAC conference. 

 5.05 PM 16 September, 2013

Early season outlook

CFA Chief Officer Euan Ferguson has called on the community to start preparing for the fire season now after early indications suggest an "above normal" fire weather risk.

 4.36 PM 2 September, 2013

AFAC & Bushfires CRC Live

CFA's Digital Media team are broadcasting live from the AFAC and Bushfires CRC conferences in Melbourne Convention Centre over the next few days.

 11.43 AM 2 September, 2013

Live audio from AFAC conference

CFA's Digital Media team will be streaming some live audio interviews from the AFAC (Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council) and Bushfire CRC conference in Melbourne from 10am on Monday (Sept 2).

 2.44 PM 28 August, 2013

Pager testing this weekend

Over 34,000 new pagers have now been delivered across the state and CFA members are invited to take part in the statewide testing exercise this weekend. 

 3.40 PM 27 August, 2013

Impact of fire on tree water use

Do mixed species eucalyptus forests, such as those found in north east Victoria, use more water as they recover from fire?

 1.04 PM 23 August, 2013

New CRC takes shape

The Bushfire CRC's August Fire Update newsletter is out now, featuring information about the new Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC taking shape.

 4.41 PM 13 August, 2013