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Bushfire CRC Fire Update February

The Bushfire CRC's Fire Update February newsletter is out now.

 3.51 PM 12 February, 2013

Bushfire CRC Fire Note 104

The Bushfire CRC's Fire Note issue 104, Understanding social networks for bushfire preparation, presents examples of social networks, aiming to understand the quality and characteristics of a social network that can aid bushfire preparedness.

 1.07 PM 6 February, 2013

Building resilience brick by brick

Land use planning plays a central role in building community resilience and safety. That’s the central theme in CFA’s recently published Planning for Bushfire Victoria.

 11.29 AM 6 February, 2013

FSC Press conference audio

Today, Fire Services Commissioner Craig Lapsley, Premier Ted Baillieu and Chief Commissioner Ken Lay held a press conference ahead of severe fire conditions tomorrow.

 5.07 PM 23 January, 2013

Bushfire CRC Fire Note, Planning

Urban and regional planning has an increasingly significant contribution to make in managing bushfire risk.

 5.05 PM 17 January, 2013

Bushfire CRC Fire Note 102

The Bushfire CRC's Fire Note issue 102, Making knowledge visible, explains the importance of a knowledge management system for the development of bushfire communication products.

 2.57 PM 15 January, 2013

Update: volunteer support program

Operational Training & Volunteerism (OT&V) has been developing the framework for the volunteer support program as part of the government’s volunteer support package.

 7.39 AM 24 December, 2012

Bushfire CRC Fire Update Dec 2012

The Bushfire CRC's Fire Update December/January newsletter is out now.

 2.29 PM 17 December, 2012

Gender and bushfire - Bushfire CRC

The Bushfire CRC's Fire Note issue 101, Gender and bushfire, highlights the importance of gender matters in the Australian bushfire context and considers how the international literature on gender and disaster relates in the areas of risk perception and exposure, preparedness behaviour and communication, and response and recovery.

 2.51 PM 5 December, 2012

Pre-summer preparedness

Ballarat City Fire Station was the venue for this years pre-summer briefing to CFA District 15's 62 Brigades.

 3.06 PM 30 November, 2012

Future Training Strategy outlined

The introduction of a new state-wide ‘CFA Operational Training Strategy’ has moved a step closer with the release of CFA’s ‘Consultation Themes and Outcomes Report’.

 11.29 AM 30 November, 2012

Fire Note - a shared resource

Today the Bushfire CRC publishes Fire Note Issue 100.

 4.11 PM 26 November, 2012

Mentoring and coaching in IMTTP

The Incident Management Team Training Project (IMTTP) has been established in response to the findings of the 2009 Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission.

 12.10 PM 26 November, 2012

Research findings-hot off the press

CFA members are highly committed to the wellbeing of their fellow members.

 12.31 PM 21 November, 2012

Positive meanings

Positive meaning from difficult situationsResearch is being conducted by La Trobe University student Lisa Ritchie about the creation of meaning amid challenging circumstances and CFA members are invited to participate in the research and share their experiences. The research closes on Friday 21st December 2012.

 11.56 AM 21 November, 2012

Jones Inquiry implementation plan

The Jones Inquiry Joint Implementation Action Plan has been released today and is available on CEO Mick Bourke’s blog.

 1.30 PM 19 November, 2012

Victoria Police gets bushfire ready

Media release issued by Victoria Police.  Victoria Police and CFA have led a multi-agency exercise this morning designed to test and review crucial decision-making and evacuation procedures in the event of a bushfire.

 4.30 PM 18 November, 2012

Grassland curing update - 2012/13

It is that time of year again where grassland curing observers are stepping out into their paddocks to commence their weekly grassland curing observations.

 2.33 PM 9 November, 2012

Bushfire CRC Fire Update Nov 2012

The Bushfire CRC's Fire Update November newsletter is out now. November's Fire Update includes:

 2.02 PM 8 November, 2012

Online Terms and Conditions

Tackling some of the most challenging natural hazards‪‎ policy, governance and communication issues confronting emergency management, Hazard Note 13 by the Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC gives an update on research that will raise the bar on risk reduction policy and planning.

 10.31 AM 12 January, 2016