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CFA career recruit firefighter training course

The first of this year’s CFA recruit firefighter training courses started on Friday 6 March 2015 at Emergency Management Victorian Training Centre (VEMTC) Craigieburn.

 8.04 AM 10 March, 2015

VFBV Urban Senior State Champs

The 132nd Urban Senior State Championships are being held in Bendigo this long weekend, 7-9 March 2015. Urban fire brigade teams from across Victoria as well as Bassendean, Harvey & Mandurah Fire Brigades from Western Australia and Carterton Fire Brigade from New Zealand are competing in a range of events that test their skills and team work. 

 2.44 PM 7 March, 2015

Another successful exercise at St Leonards

It was another successful training night on Monday, with a number of Brigades involved in an exercise to test our grassfire tactics, as well as strategies in keeping houses safe when/if they are in the path of a fast moving fire.

 10.47 AM 6 March, 2015

South West volunteers drive safely

A group of volunteers are ensuring that brigade drivers in Districts 4 and 5 are the safest possible.

 2.03 PM 4 March, 2015

Hazardous trees training for Malmsbury

Malmsbury Fire Brigade recently conducted in-house hazardous trees training for its members. The training, which included a video and field visit, centred around the new Joint Standard Operating Procedure (JSOP 8.03).

 7.36 AM 3 March, 2015

Members' role in Public Info Section – training

As members of the community we are all aware of the work of the Public Information Section during an incident, whether we realise it or not. In the past five years it’s likely you have seen a warning, heard a media update, or been to a community meeting about an emergency. If so, you have seen the work of the Public Information Section in action. 

 3.14 PM 2 March, 2015

Trailers on the way

Working in collaboration with CFA’s Technical Asset Services engineers, CFA's Mobile Training Infrastructure project team members are working on the introduction of a number of trailers. These trailers will be deployed in rural areas, independently of fixed training grounds, to provide additional training opportunities for members.

 3.06 PM 2 March, 2015

Health, Safety and Environment System

The implementation of a Health Safety Environment management system, a priority for OT&V OT&V will soon introduce a Health Safety and Environment (HSE) management system which will be shared by Victorian Emergency Management Training Centres (VEMTC) across Victoria.

 1.16 PM 2 March, 2015

CFA at the Sungold Field Days, Allansford

CFA was on hand at the Sungold Field Days with an informative display with the aim to recruit new members.

 1.13 PM 17 February, 2015

A nasty surprise for Mt Macedon

Mount Macedon brigade was greeted by some unwelcome visitors at a recent training exercise.

 10.04 AM 16 February, 2015

Diversity research - A call for participants

An opportunity continues to exist for members to take part in an important study being conducted on the way which CFA currently engages with people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds (CALD) as a means to build better community relationships and sustain volunteerism in to the future.

 9.21 AM 8 February, 2015

Heyfield FB - Interagency training Hellitack 333

Heyfield Fire Brigade training on Tuesday 27th January saw Heyfield Brigade once again out and about having a go at something a bit different.  This time a joint training session with the DELWP crew of Hellitack 333.  A full safety brief was given, followed by a detailed description of the aircraft and its capabilities.

 10.07 AM 4 February, 2015

Off-road driver training facilities

The purpose of this project is to provide members and the wider emergency services sector an opportunity to access training facilities that will improve off-road driving skills.

 12.19 PM 30 January, 2015

Brigade Operational Skills Profile report release

The revised Brigade Operational Skills Profile (BOSP) report was recently released.

 8.31 AM 29 January, 2015

Recognition of prior learning info kits online

A series of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) member information kits are available on Brigades Online.

 1.34 PM 28 January, 2015

Multi-agency training gets pumped

Crews from MFB and CFA Districts 13 and 14 have taken part in a major water relay pumping exercise this morning at Westerfolds Park, north east of Melbourne. 

 4.37 PM 25 January, 2015

Brigade Management Team Workshops

The Volunteerism team has developed a series of two hour interactive workshops to support new and existing Brigade Management Team (BMT) members develop and maintain healthy and effective brigades.

 3.41 PM 23 January, 2015

District Training Update

The District 02, 18 & 20 2015 Training Calendar, covering January to June, has now been released.  All Brigade Captains and Training Officers will have received both an electronic copy and a hard copy.  

 10.47 AM 23 January, 2015

Brigade recruitment needs

The Volunteerism team has begun a statewide process to collect recruitment needs data from each brigade. This information will feed into an improved process to match the new member enquiries received centrally with identified volunteer vacancies within brigades.

 10.28 AM 16 January, 2015

Campbells Creek training night with a difference

Sixteen members of the Campbells Creek CFA took a different approach to training night, with a focus on team building at the local bowling green.

 4.22 PM 7 January, 2015