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New career firefighters graduate

CFA welcomed another 25 new career firefighters to its ranks today following an official graduation ceremony at Fiskville Training College, which marks the end of an intensive 16-week training course for the recruits.

 5.36 PM 3 October, 2014

Multiagency TEWT at Port Fairy

More than five agencies came together last week to take part in a simulated emergency based at Port Fairy hospital.

 2.18 PM 3 October, 2014

Pub in trouble in Orbost exercise

With the street outside the Orbost Club Hotel teeming with emergency services and the Bronto heaving into action, the owner of the pub lamented, “What a terrible weekend. The Swans lose and now the pub burns down!”

 6.39 PM 2 October, 2014

Live streaming from Fiskville graduation

Tomorrow marks the end of a four month course for 25 new career firefighter recruits following an intensive 16 weeks of training.

 5.36 PM 2 October, 2014

Norm's Huntly vision still humming

A new breathing apparatus facility at the Huntly Campus has been called after well-known CFA member Norm Bowen, but as Norm tells it, the training ground was a labour of love for the whole community.

 11.01 AM 2 October, 2014

Volunteer Training hots up at Huntly

Emergency services volunteers from across Central Victoria will now have better access to vital practical training thanks to an $835,242 upgrade of Huntly Training campus. 

 10.46 AM 2 October, 2014

District volunteerism coordinators

In August, the new district volunteerism coordinators began work around the state.

 4.38 PM 25 September, 2014

Lorne Brigade Management Team trial

On 1 September, the Lorne Brigade Management Team participated in a pilot session ‘Bring out the Best in People – Managing Performance’, developed as part of the Brigade Management Team induction program.

 4.35 PM 25 September, 2014

Off-road driver training facilities

This project will see the creation of three tracks and supporting facilities at West Sale,  Longerenong and Penshurst to train members in safe driving in off-road conditions during emergencies.

 4.32 PM 25 September, 2014

More mobile props on the way

OT&V is finalising a tender process to acquire seven additional mobile props, bringing the total number of mobile props to 10.

 4.26 PM 25 September, 2014

Pre-season briefings underway

Seventeen regional Pre-season Briefings for emergency services personnel who are endorsed/accredited in Level 3 incident management roles are being held across the state throughout September and October.

 11.14 AM 22 September, 2014

Upgrade to south west training facility

Emergency services volunteers from across South West Victoria will now have better access to vital practical training thanks to an $837,928 upgrade of Penhurst Training campus. 

 3.02 PM 21 September, 2014

Career info session for CFA volunteers

CFA volunteers thinking about making the transition to firefighting as a full-time career are invited to attend an information session on Saturday 4 October.

 2.57 PM 18 September, 2014

CFA recruiting now for career firefighters

CFA has started actively recruiting for career firefighters for its 2015 intake, with applications through its website set to open from 22 September 2014.

 4.16 PM 17 September, 2014

Peninsula Group spring training at Bangholme

On Saturday 13 September, Peninsula Group conducted a skills maintenance round robin at Bangholme Campus.

 9.59 PM 14 September, 2014

CFA seeking career recruits

CFA will soon start advertising for new career firefighter recruits, with applications set to open on 22 September 2014.  

 3.19 PM 12 September, 2014

$1m upgrade for Wimmera training ground

Emergency services volunteers from around the Wimmera have better access to vital practical training thanks to a $1,010,519 upgrade of the Victorian Emergency Management Training Centre – Longerenong Campus, which was opened near Horsham today (Sunday 14 September).

 2.58 PM 12 September, 2014

Lawrence Building, Wangaratta, officially opened

The Lawrence Building, Victorian Emergency Management Training Centre – Wangaratta was officially opened on 6 September 2014. The event was a celebration of 30 years of CFA service to brigades and the wider local community.

 10.10 AM 8 September, 2014

Volunteer training hots up in north-east

Emergency services volunteers from around Victoria’s north-east have better access to vital practical training thanks to an $825,000 upgrade of the Victorian Emergency Management Training Centre (VEMTC) – Wangaratta Campus.

 1.28 PM 5 September, 2014

Volunteerism Coordinators (District)

We are now in full swing of the implementation with the addition of new field based Volunteerism Co-ordinators, who are located in each district.

 5.09 PM 4 September, 2014