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'Respect the ocean': Hastings Coast Guard

Sitting within the CFA command structure as a vehicle, Hastings Coast Guard takes control of an incident if there’s no land access, travelling under lights and sirens at up to 40 knots with a response time of 10 minutes.

3.52 PM 9 December, 2016

White Ribbon Day: Bendigo

White Ribbon Day in Bendigo this year saw staff and volunteers from state, North West Region and District 2 come together to join over 400 people in the annual White Ribbon day event 'Bendigo Walks'.

2.45 PM 9 December, 2016

Family safe, house destroyed in Knowsley

A working smoke alarm has alerted a family of four in Knowlsey to a house fire in the early hours of this morning (9 December).

1.54 PM 9 December, 2016

Community conference receives fire awareness award

The Living with Bushfire Community Conference has been recognised for its outstanding achievements in fire service partnerships in this year’s Fire Awareness Awards.

11.12 AM 9 December, 2016

Smoke in the air from almond husk fire

CFA firefighters have worked through the night on a fire at Koorlong where a large pile of almond husks remain burning.

8.28 AM 9 December, 2016

Great results from CFA and FFMV cooperation

CFA volunteers have assisted Forest Fire Management Victoria with a couple of recent burns and have come away with excellent stories of cooperation and camaraderie.

6.47 PM 8 December, 2016

The 2017 Volunteer Reference Group takes shape.

The idea of a Member Engagement Volunteer Reference Group (VRG) grew after a group of CFA volunteers helped out with planning and running the first CFA Community Engagement State Forum at Macedon back in 2011.

3.33 PM 8 December, 2016

Moving volunteering into the 21st century

According to Angela Seach – Principal Organisational Development Consultant at CFA and the newly appointed Chair of the Volunteering Victoria Board – there is more we can do to eclipse old school perceptions of volunteering.  

2.13 PM 8 December, 2016

Taking it to the streets – part one

Gregg Paterson is the Acting Deputy Chief Officer for Training at CFA. In his first instalment of ‘Taking it to the streets’ Gregg gives us an insight into how CFA training will be planned in the future.

11.43 AM 8 December, 2016

Ballarat recruit ready to give back to home town

For one of CFA’s newest recruits – Zoe Wathen – CFA has been a constant presence over the years.

3.15 PM 7 December, 2016
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