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Combating rural decline

Rural decline and retraction is a major concern for many of our CFA communities across rural Victoria.

9.01 AM 27 December, 2017

Bombers on the move in Victoria’s north-west

Last week (13 December) CFA Air Operations in North West Region relocated fixed wing bombers 352 and 353.

8.31 AM 26 December, 2017

Take care with ride-on mowers

A grass fire at Arthurs Creek on Saturday 23 December was started by a ride-on mower.

8.43 AM 25 December, 2017

CFA urges holiday travellers to be prepared

People travelling throughout the state are being urged to check local fire conditions before they leave and to stay informed to help ensure they enjoy a truly relaxing festive season break.

11.10 AM 22 December, 2017

Frankston gas cylinder explosion under control

Several gas bottles have caught fire and exploded near a business in Frankston just after 7pm this evening (21 December). 

8.23 PM 21 December, 2017

More career firefighters for Portland Fire Station

Eight career firefighters will transfer from Melbourne’s Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) to join the Portland CFA brigade.

5.47 PM 21 December, 2017

2000-bale fire serves as warning

As farmers and contractors are busy with hay and silage harvesting in West and South Gippsland, 2000 bales of hay were lost near Torrita (west of Ouyen) on 19 December.

4.26 PM 21 December, 2017

Avoid a sizzle and barbecue safely

Apron? Check. Tongs? Check. Safety? Check.

11.29 AM 21 December, 2017

Historic joint graduation day for recruits

A total of 121 MFB and CFA recruits have now completed the new Victorian Recruit Firefighter Course, with the course’s last 30 recruits graduating yesterday (19 December). 

3.35 PM 20 December, 2017

Attack and lay pack success

In 2013, changes in building codes and the increasing number of multi-storey developments around the Dandenong area put a strain on the existing highrise hose deployment packs we use to fight fires.

8.16 AM 20 December, 2017
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