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  • CFA celebrates Rural Women

    CFA celebrates Rural Women's Day

    Yesterday (15 October) was International day of Rural Women, and CFA celebrated this great opportunity by highlighting the achievements of Gippsland volunteer Stephanie Montague.

    1.49 PM 16 October, 2017

  • Pat inspires women in rural Victoria

    Pat inspires women in rural Victoria

    As a farmer in rural Victoria and a CFA volunteer, Pat Bigham has been caring for the land and helping others for a number of years which is what International...

    6.24 PM 15 October, 2017

  • Funding boost for CFA

    Funding boost for CFA

    Today the Victorian Government announced significant funding to enable CFA to continue its vital work and deliver better training, support and equipment for staff and volunteers across Victoria.

    3.34 PM 13 October, 2017

  • Wellbeing apps

    Wellbeing apps

    The use of mobile and computer apps which aid in mental health promotion, awareness and support is growing exponentially as mental health professionals and organisations increasingly realise the usefulness of...

    9.23 AM 13 October, 2017

  • High angle rescue in Greensborough

    High angle rescue in Greensborough

    At 10.25am yesterday (10 October) CFA crews were called to Ballandry Court in Greensborough to assist with a high angle rescue.

    11.18 AM 11 October, 2017