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Multicultural meetings

Shepparton Fire Brigade hosted a meeting last week with leaders of the Iraqi community – and hopes that this gathering will be the first of many with ethnic groups from around the area.Story by Peter Dedman.

 10.08 AM 29 October, 2012

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Strathmerton Fire Brigade Captain Evan Bourchier was finishing the morning milking when he got the page to a fire at a local factory.

 2.21 PM 22 June, 2016

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**UPDATE** CFA crews have controlled a fire in an unstripped oat crop in Strathmerton on the Murray Valley Highway. Both firefighting aircraft have completed their work and crews are now blacking out for the next several hours. A bulldozer is in use to remove a large gum tree significantly damaged by fire to ensure safety in the area. 

 11.37 AM 23 December, 2016

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In honour of youth week CFA is looking at some of our stellar junior programs that provide skills to the local community’s youth.

 2.38 PM 3 April, 2017

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The Fire Danger Period will finish for the following municipality from 1am on Monday, 17 April 2017:

 12.30 PM 11 April, 2017

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CFA volunteers in the Greater Shepparton region will receive a $125,000 funding boost, thanks to the Andrews Labor Government.

 1.33 PM 26 April, 2017

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This Sunday 21 May, District 22 is hosting an event that will allow members as well as the public to get up close and personal with a variety of different Fire Services vehicles.

 8.50 PM 19 May, 2017

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Members of Euroa Fire Brigade would like you to help them celebrate their 125th birthday between 9 and 11 June.

 2.55 PM 23 May, 2017