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Spate of house fires hits North East

Victoria’s recent cold snap has brought with it several house fires across the North East, with at least seven serious fires recorded in the past week in Wodonga, Wangaratta, Mansfield, Rutherglen and Merrigum.

 2.41 PM 5 June, 2015

Fireys save house in Merrigum

A working smoke alarm has alerted a family of four to a fire in their Merrigum home overnight.

 11.27 AM 3 June, 2015

Caravan destroyed at Shepparton

A fire has destroyed a caravan overnight in the Lake Victoria Holiday Park in Shepparton.

 11.29 AM 7 April, 2015

Longwood thank-you event attracts big crowd

About 450 people attended a special barbecue at the Longwood Community Centre on Sunday 29 March, to thank firefighters and landholders affected by the devastating 5500 hectare bushfire at Creightons Creek late last year.

 4.14 PM 2 April, 2015

Smouldering wheat bag causes house fire

A smoke alarm has helped save the life of a Shepparton woman who woke to discover her house had filled with smoke and fire from an overheated wheat bag left smouldering in a rubbish bin overnight on Tuesday 17 March.The incident has prompted firefighters in the north-east to reiterate warnings about wheat bags, which can ignite after being heated in a microwave.

 11.20 AM 31 March, 2015

Shepparton climbs for Zaidee

Shepparton Fire Brigade is no stranger to the city’s Telstra Tower.

 4.39 PM 17 March, 2015

'Bang' alerts family to fire in Wantirna South

CFA crews attended two house fires this morning (13 March) in Wantirna South and Mooroopna.

 9.59 AM 13 March, 2015

District 22 Celebrating Women in CFA

International Women’s Day (Sunday 8 March) was celebrated in District 22 through a local Weeknights news story with the remarkable women of Katunga Fire Brigade. 

 10.14 AM 11 March, 2015

Three house fires in 24 hours

CFA crews have responded to three house fires in the last 24 hours across the state – in a timely reminder to all Victorians about the importance of home fire safety.

 10.06 AM 11 March, 2015

Control line damage restored for landowners

Following major fires across the north-east, CFA approached landholders on more than 150 properties with land or fences damaged by fire suppression measures at major fires during the 2014-15 fire season.

 11.15 AM 26 February, 2015

30 years service to CFA

Operations Officer Trevor Logan celebrated 30 years of service to CFA today in a fun and informal way with his colleagues at District 22.

 4.51 PM 18 February, 2015

Geoffrey Broughton - OAM

Taking a break from drenching sheep to have a chat about receiving a Medal of the Order of Australia on Australia Day, Geoff Broughton simply can’t believe it.

 12.49 PM 23 January, 2015

Leaders talk Creightons Creek fire

By the time the pager message came in for this incident mid-afternoon on Tuesday 16 December, Group Officer Graeme Seach of Euroa Group was already worried.

 2.35 PM 22 January, 2015

The day disaster struck Longwood in 1965

In this personal account, Max Cox says the morning of 17 January, 1965 and the days that followed will remain etched in his mind forever.

 10.00 AM 20 January, 2015

Tooborac fire burns into forest

A 60-hectare grass and scrub fire has burnt into forest near Toobarac, west of Seymour in Victoria's North East.

 3.51 PM 16 January, 2015

Total Fire Ban for North East district

A Total Fire Ban has been declared for Monday, 29 December 2014 for the North East fire weather district.

 4.05 PM 28 December, 2014

From the Wodonga West fireground: GALLERY

Wodonga had “dodged a massive bullet” with firefighters defeating a blaze that had been burning out of control west of the city since Monday 15 December.

 11.33 AM 23 December, 2014

Creightons Creek fire update

Crews remain at the Creightons Creek fire today monitoring the situation and working to contain hot spots, with the focus yesterday (Saturday) on burning out a section of bush in the Mount Ceceila area to consolidate a control line. New aerial photos meanwhile show areas near Ruffy that were impacted by fire.  

 1.52 PM 20 December, 2014

New aircraft assist with Creightons Creek fire

Fire crews have been stretched this week, with a number of fires burning around the north east of the state. The Creightons Creek fire, south of Euroa, started on Tuesday and has so far burnt through almost 5000 hectares of private property and bushland. 

 8.00 AM 18 December, 2014

Fire at Pine Lodge

Thirteen tankers and an aircraft have brought a fire at Pine Lodge under control.

 12.52 PM 11 December, 2014