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Sue paves the way

In the mid-90s Sue Sheldrick became an accidental trail blazer for CFA women when she was elected as the first female captain of a CFA brigade.

 9.16 AM 5 March, 2015

Rewarding work for Mary Anne

When Mary Anne Egan moved to the country to marry husband John 17 years ago, she thought joining the local CFA would be a good way to make friends and meet other like-minded people in the community.

 2.56 PM 4 March, 2015

Brigade thrives under Emma’s captaincy

“It doesn’t matter what colour helmet you’re wearing, we all work as a team” – that’s Emma Brennan’s ethos, and one she has implemented so successfully since stepping into the captain's role of Laceby West Fire Brigade last September.

 2.43 PM 4 March, 2015

Control line damage restored for landowners

Following major fires across the north-east, CFA approached landholders on more than 150 properties with land or fences damaged by fire suppression measures at major fires during the 2014-15 fire season.

 10.15 AM 26 February, 2015

30 years service to CFA

Operations Officer Trevor Logan celebrated 30 years of service to CFA today in a fun and informal way with his colleagues at District 22.

 3.51 PM 18 February, 2015

Weather stations deliver fireground intel

It's been ten years since Everton member Ian Murray took on the job of manning the Wangaratta North portable weather station - one of five such stations strategically placed around the state which can be deployed to locations near 'going' fires to deliver accurate weather readings.

 10.57 AM 17 February, 2015

Thumbs up for alpine vehicle at Ancona

A new alpine vehicle being trialled by CFA has had its first run at a large incident during the Ancona bushfire.

 6.33 PM 12 February, 2015

Rescue on Mt Buffalo

The Mt Beauty CFA Rope Rescue Team was recently called to assist the SES at Cathedral Rock at Mt Buffalo.

 10.42 AM 4 February, 2015

Mansfield Volunteer - Australia Day Honours

Story by David Mims (Mansfield). Long serving Mansfield Fire Brigade volunteer Neville Mathieson was honoured this Australia Day in Mansfield, being awarded the Mansfield Shire Council’s Australia Day Senior Citizen of the Year.

 9.16 AM 3 February, 2015

Leaders talk Creightons Creek fire

By the time the pager message came in for this incident mid-afternoon on Tuesday 16 December, Group Officer Graeme Seach of Euroa Group was already worried.

 1.35 PM 22 January, 2015

Total Fire Ban for North East district

A Total Fire Ban has been declared for Monday, 29 December 2014 for the North East fire weather district.

 3.05 PM 28 December, 2014

Fires at home, itchy feet for recruit

“It felt pretty ordinary being here learning how to be a firefighter when your joint was on fire,” said newly qualified career firefighter recruit Ben Todd, 26, who started his first posting today at Geelong City Fire Brigade after graduating last Friday.

 4.36 PM 23 December, 2014

From the Wodonga West fireground: GALLERY

Wodonga had “dodged a massive bullet” with firefighters defeating a blaze that had been burning out of control west of the city since Monday 15 December.

 10.33 AM 23 December, 2014

Creightons Creek fire update

Crews remain at the Creightons Creek fire today monitoring the situation and working to contain hot spots, with the focus yesterday (Saturday) on burning out a section of bush in the Mount Ceceila area to consolidate a control line. New aerial photos meanwhile show areas near Ruffy that were impacted by fire.  

 12.52 PM 20 December, 2014

Fire Updates: Lake Rowan & Stewarton

The Lake Rowan fire has burned 5,639 hectares of private grassland and sections of the Warby-Ovens National Park. 

 6.56 AM 18 December, 2014

Indigenous Use of Fire Forum, Albury

CFA members have been invited to attend a three-hour forum about the traditional use of fire, being organised by the Kiewa Catchment Landcare Group in Albury, on Saturday 6 December from 1.30pm – 4.30pm.

 11.13 AM 1 December, 2014

Better, lighter, faster

A new concept ultra-light vehicle has been delivered to Mt Buller brigade and will undergo testing and trialling during both summer and winter season. 

 1.25 PM 24 November, 2014

District 23 Staff practise burn over drill

Casual clothes were the preferred dress code for District 23 staff attending work on Friday 21 November, when they carried out the burn over drill.

 3.01 PM 21 November, 2014

Greta Brigade members receive service awards

Sunday 9 November 2014, Greta Fire Brigade members along with local community gathered at the tiny shed that the brigade calls home.

 3.04 PM 19 November, 2014

Crews battle Eldorado grassfire

More than 25 ground crews have battled along side a water bombing helicopter and bulldozer to stop a fire reaching homes in the township of Eldorado, in northeast Victoria.

 4.23 PM 10 November, 2014