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Mosquito Creek celebrates

On Sunday 12 July, on a drizzly wet day, Mosquito Creek Fire Brigade shone brightly with reason to celebrate.

 11.59 AM 16 July, 2015

Legends support sportsman's night

The Elphinstone and Kangaroo Flat brigades joined forces in June to host a sportsman's night at the Kangaroo Flat Sports Club.

 11.54 AM 16 July, 2015

District 2 welcomes new driving instructors

Under CFA's new driving strategy, which took effect on 1 July, within five years drivers of CFA vehicles will need to have demonstrated competency in driving vehicles under operational conditions.

 11.51 AM 16 July, 2015

Fortuna Group hazmat exercise

Sixty Firefighters from Fortuna Group brigades recently took part in a large-scale hazardous materials incident training exercise in Golden Square.

 11.48 AM 16 July, 2015

Malmsbury pre-planning for new justice centre

Malmsbury Fire Brigade has been busy planning for the opening of the new Youth Justice Facility at Malmsbury.

 11.41 AM 16 July, 2015

Rosebery Fire Station doubles as museum

On the Henty Highway between Hopetoun and Beulah lies the Rosebery Fire Station which now doubles as the local museum of past community history. Now, as families leave the area, their significant historic memorabilia is passed on to the brigade, and the new station has a permanent display.

 12.46 PM 30 June, 2015

North West rehab units meet at Golden Square

For the first time, the North West Regions rehab units met at Golden Square this week to share learnings and ideas.

 3.17 PM 25 June, 2015

Violence prevention is everyone's business

Mike Wassing admits he is not an expert on violence prevention, but as a father of three girls and a man shocked by the statistics that one in three women has experienced physical violence, he could not sit back and say it was someone else’s responsibility.

 2.47 PM 25 June, 2015

OM's Update - June 2015

This month: District Training Plan District Vehicle and Equipment Plan District Planning Committee (DPC) elections Brigade Classification District 2 National Emergency Medal Presentation

 4.36 PM 16 June, 2015

Woolworths raises funds for brigades

CFA brigades in Victoria’s North will receive new cooling equipment, communications gear, portable lighting systems and other items courtesy of fundraising by Woolworths.

 4.47 PM 12 June, 2015

Golden Square live fire training

Firefighters from Golden Square recently had the opportunity to undertake live fire training using the CFA’s Mobile Industrial Prop.

 1.24 PM 12 June, 2015

Running group looks after Riddells Creek hydrants

The network of fire hydrants within the township of Riddells Creek is set to remain in tip-top condition thanks to the efforts of a team of runners and walkers from the Riddells Creek branch of the Macedon Ranges Running Club.

 4.18 PM 11 June, 2015

Digital storytelling – an unexpected journey

Sometimes life’s journey can change in unexpected ways. For Tracey Mastropavlos, it was her 16-year-old daughter’s decision to join the Heathcote Fire Brigade in 2006 that led to her becoming a CFA member.

 3.30 PM 29 May, 2015

Historic Majorca building destroyed

After standing for 149 years the former Majorca general store has been destroyed by fire.

 12.17 PM 28 May, 2015

CFA rider wins bronze at games

The 2015 Victoria Police and Emergency Services Games were held 10 to 19 April. The Sport categories on offer were pretty diverse, from angling and darts to petanque, shooting and surfing.

 1.05 PM 22 May, 2015

Bendigo Thunder talk careers with CFA fireys

Bendigo career firefighters Nicole Eames and Stuart Laing met with players from the Bendigo Thunder Women’s Football Club yesterday (11 May) to talk to them about firefighting careers.

 5.09 PM 12 May, 2015

MASG partnership takes charge

Mount Alexander Catchment, Maldon, Metcalfe and Newstead groups have joined with Mount Alexander Sustainability Group to be a part of their battery recycling program.

 12.45 PM 5 May, 2015

Castlemaine community surveyed

This April and May, CFA will be out in the community surveying local community members on behalf of the Castlemaine Fire Brigade to help improve service delivery and community engagement.

 12.31 PM 5 May, 2015

Newstead honours outstanding service

Sunday 26 April saw a large gathering at the Newstead Fire Station for its brigade awards ceremony. ACO Mike Wassing presented long service awards, National Medals and National Emergency Medals.

 12.23 PM 5 May, 2015

OM's Update - May 2015

 12.17 PM 5 May, 2015