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District 20 puckers up for Liptember

As part of Mental Health Awareness Month, District 20 is joining forces with many others across the country and participating in Liptember with the focus on Women’s Mental Health to 'Kiss away the Blues'.

 2.43 PM 9 September, 2015

Charlton raises its profile

No one expected the one-in-200-year flood that hit Charlton in 2011 to return with full force a few months later.

 1.19 PM 24 August, 2015

New beginnings for Woosang brigade

It was a cold winter's day, but locally-made hot soup and food warmed up those who attended the opening of the new Woosang Brigade Fire Station.

 1.10 PM 24 July, 2015

Fire destroys Tongala home

Eleven CFA vehicles are responding to a house fire at Tongala (north-west of Kyabram) which started shortly after 3pm this afternoon (Wed 22 July) and was brought under control at 4.40pm.

 4.42 PM 22 July, 2015

Rosebery Fire Station doubles as museum

On the Henty Highway between Hopetoun and Beulah lies the Rosebery Fire Station which now doubles as the local museum of past community history. Now, as families leave the area, their significant historic memorabilia is passed on to the brigade, and the new station has a permanent display.

 11.46 AM 30 June, 2015

North West rehab units meet at Golden Square

For the first time, the North West Regions rehab units met at Golden Square this week to share learnings and ideas.

 2.17 PM 25 June, 2015

Violence prevention is everyone's business

Mike Wassing admits he is not an expert on violence prevention, but as a father of three girls and a man shocked by the statistics that one in three women has experienced physical violence, he could not sit back and say it was someone else’s responsibility.

 1.47 PM 25 June, 2015

Woolworths raises funds for brigades

CFA brigades in Victoria’s North will receive new cooling equipment, communications gear, portable lighting systems and other items courtesy of fundraising by Woolworths.

 3.47 PM 12 June, 2015

Dogs saved from house fire

CFA firefighters rescued two dogs from a burning house in Wedderburn this afternoon (11 June).

 4.52 PM 11 June, 2015

Echuca house fire

Fire investigators will look into a blaze that has left an Echuca home badly damaged.

 4.27 PM 25 May, 2015

Engaging women in brigades workshop

We believe it is important that CFA is gender inclusive and we are committed to taking action. On Friday 17 April, more than 40 CFA members attended a leadership workshop in Kerang to discuss the vital issue of engaging and encouraging women to be more actively involved in their brigades. A key outcome of the workshop was the development of the statement of intent - agreed by all - as an achievable vision for the future.

 3.58 PM 24 April, 2015

Hot bird saved by Echuca fireys

It wasn’t your average call-out for members of Echuca Fire Brigade on Tuesday morning. 

 1.48 PM 21 April, 2015

Our fallen: Quambatook’s Anzacs

Shane Pilgrim was standing in awe at the foot of the Quambatook War Memorial during an Anzac Day service in 2013 when he had a moment of inspiration – he just knew he had to tell the stories of the local men that fought and died in the battles of the Great War. 

 10.38 AM 20 April, 2015

Paddle steamer up in smoke

It's not a call you want to get at 5.05am when over half the brigade are away at the State Championships.

 10.03 AM 12 March, 2015

Three house fires in 24 hours

CFA crews have responded to three house fires in the last 24 hours across the state – in a timely reminder to all Victorians about the importance of home fire safety.

 9.06 AM 11 March, 2015

D18 and 20 Connecting Women Forum

On Sunday 22 February 2015, a typical hot day in the Mallee, 63 women from Districts 18 and 20 attended the Connecting Women Forum in Berriwillock. The purpose of the day was to build confidence and encourage women to be more actively involved in their brigades. 

 1.37 PM 2 March, 2015

Celebrating women in emergency services

International Women’s Day is fast approaching and women across North West Region who work or volunteer for emergency services will be celebrated with a special afternoon tea in Bendigo.

 8.24 AM 26 February, 2015

Ground observers get ahead of the fire

There’s a changing landscape of risk in District 2 and CFA ground observers (GOs) operating out of Bendigo are helping fire services stay a step ahead.

 11.38 AM 23 February, 2015

Volunteering as Air Attack Supervisor

Newham volunteer Andrew Avent has an ideal background for air attack supervision. He’s been with CFA for 12 years and is Wildfire 2 and crew leader qualified so he understands fire behavior. 

 10.46 AM 9 February, 2015

More than a century later and still going strong

Fire brigades have been holding local and district competitions for more than 140 years. The Rural Championships have been held continuously since the early 1950s. This year is no different with approximately 200 brigades competing in the Urban and Rural State Championships.

 1.07 PM 4 February, 2015