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Portland ship fire declared safe

Local, state and interstate emergency services combined to bring a ship fire at the Port of Portland in the state's South West to an and yesterday morning (Saturday 14 November).

 2.11 PM 15 November, 2015

Ship fire, removal of fodder at Port of Portland

Emergency services continue to respond to a fire on board a ship docked at the Port of Portland

 4.51 PM 8 November, 2015

Ship fire, removal of fodder at Port of Portland

Emergency services continue to respond to a fire on board a ship at the Port of Portland. On Tuesday night, CFA crews onboard the ship discovered that the front, starboard side of the fodder storage silo was on fire and spreading to the rest of the storage area.

 12.10 PM 6 November, 2015

Ship fire continues at Port of Portland

Emergency services continue to respond to a fire on board the livestock carrier at the Port of Portland.

 3.30 PM 5 November, 2015

Fire on board ship docked at Portland

CFA crews will remain at the Port of Portland today to continue work on extinguishing a fire on board a livestock carrier.

 8.38 AM 4 November, 2015

Forestry industry prepares for summer

Bushfires can have a detrimental effect on the timber industry and the community as a whole. Forestry industry brigades play an important role when it comes to fire prevention and suppression.

 2.32 PM 12 October, 2015

Glenelg's fire & emergency conference

The inaugural Glenelg Fire & Emergency Management Conference was held on Wednesday 9 September at Dartmoor with the theme of 'shared responsibility' and was hailed a huge success. 

 2.13 PM 14 September, 2015

Heroic firefighters remembered

Warrnambool Fire Brigade received a replica of the Horrockses Trophy with ACO Bob Barry AFSM representing CFA at a ceremony that commemorated the bravery of firefighters. Descendants and relatives attended the event which took place at Warrnambool Fire Station on Sunday 30 August.

 4.55 PM 31 August, 2015

Digital radio channels – use to be expanded

District 4 currently makes use of only one of the digital channels available in the new Tait radios (including vehicle, portable and bag style units). That is channel 504 which is used in district-wide dispatch and communication to VicFire. Prior to this summer, we will make use of additional digital channels including both fire-ground digital channels and incident command digital channels.

 1.22 PM 27 August, 2015

Tarrington re-engages its members

This once rural brigade is fast becoming a mini suburb of Hamilton, but when Shane Palmer became captain two years ago numbers were stagnant.

 1.17 PM 24 August, 2015

Followship to Leadership 2015

Followship to Leadership (F2L)  is an introductory leadership training course that was developed in 2014 as a pilot by Leadership instructor Jamie Mackenzie and coordinated through the District Volunteer Coordinators in South West. The 2015 course was delivered at the Cape Bridgewater Coastal Camp in District 4 on the weekend.

 12.43 PM 30 July, 2015

Mock exercise tests real skills

Imagine the situation: the Port of Portland has alerted emergency services to a structural ship fire within the port. Questions are being asked about a possible terrorist act as smoke begins to fill the air and blanket the CBD. 

 7.04 PM 28 July, 2015

Four die on Victorian waterways

The Australian Volunteer Coast Guard Association is concerned by the increase in boating-related fatalities after the official boating season. We have had four fatalities in Victorian waters since the Queen's Birthday long weekend.

 11.07 PM 30 June, 2015

Brigades helping brigades

What’s the Rural Metro Brigade Partnership?

 4.43 PM 29 June, 2015

Digby brigade thanks its members

A solid and committed effort within the brigade has earned six members medals to recognise their contribution over the years.

 2.17 PM 16 June, 2015

Successful fundraiser for Portland Fire Brigade

Portland Fire Brigade BBQ fundraiser was a success despite the weather.

 2.59 PM 3 June, 2015

Portland Coast Guard receives a new marine pump

Last week Operations Officer Gary Harker presented the Portland Coast Guard with a much needed diesel powered marine pump.

 2.55 PM 3 June, 2015

Koori Inclusion Action Plan

During National Reconciliation Week 2015, CFA officially launched its very first Koori Inclusion Action Plan.

 3.44 PM 1 June, 2015

CFA Values and behaviours

CFA Values and behaviours: what do they mean to South West Region Acting Assistant Chief Officer Gregg Paterson

 2.34 PM 1 June, 2015