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Koori Inclusion Action Plan

During National Reconciliation Week 2015, CFA officially launched its very first Koori Inclusion Action Plan.

 4.44 PM 1 June, 2015

CFA Values and behaviours

CFA Values and behaviours: what do they mean to South West Region Acting Assistant Chief Officer Gregg Paterson

 3.34 PM 1 June, 2015

Volunteerism Strategy

On 13 May 2015, CFA launched the Volunteerism Strategy which outlines CFA’s ongoing commitment to volunteerism.

 3.18 PM 1 June, 2015

CFA endorses use of approved seatbelt extensions

From time to time, larger CFA members request the use of seatbelt extensions as they cannot use the existing seatbelt in some CFA vehicles.

 2.34 PM 1 June, 2015

Dristict 4 National Emergency Medal Presentation

If you have received an invitation to the Presentation of the National Emergency Medal – ‘VIC FIRES 09’ at the Heywood Community Hall on Saturday 20th June, you will need to RSVP now.  

 1.31 PM 1 June, 2015

Short hose lengths bursting when under pressure

In recent times CFA has received a number of Hazard Reports associated with the short hose lengths on the decks of tankers bursting when under pressure at incidents or training.

 12.32 PM 1 June, 2015

New Radio tower erected for District 4

On 29 April a new radio tower was erected at the joint offices of CFA District 4 and DELWP at Casterton.

 12.17 PM 1 June, 2015

Dunrobin & Nangeela Brigade Volunteer Recognition

What better a way to celebrate our volunteers & their achievements then on National Volunteer Recognition week?

 4.44 PM 25 May, 2015

Education partnerships

The Casterton Secondary College, CFA and Casterton Fire Brigade have again formed a partnership to deliver a program to VCAL students. 

 11.24 AM 12 May, 2015

A move to Portland pays off

A desk job isn’t for everyone and is certainly not what Natalie Brindle wanted for her career.

 12.07 PM 1 May, 2015

On-line Summer Debrief

You are invited to contribute to the 2014/2015 summer debrief process via an on-line link.

 1.08 PM 27 April, 2015

New training tools, programs and products

A range of new training related materials have recently been released by CFA.  Development of these materials has been driven by volunteers to support volunteerism, in line with recommendations from the ‘Jones Inquiry into the Effect of Arrangements made by the CFA on its Volunteers’.

 1.06 PM 27 April, 2015

Fire access roads subsidy scheme works – Glenelg

Works on 2014 funded projects is drawing to a conclusion with the finish of projects at Lang St Dartmoor and at Lindsay Road Lindsay.

 1.01 PM 27 April, 2015

Planned Burning Notification System

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) has developed a web-based system to notify people when a planned burn on public land is close to being ignited.

 12.57 PM 27 April, 2015

District 4 station openings

It’s been a busy couple of weekends in District 4 recently with three new stations officially opened, more than 1,300 years of service recognised and three national medals presented.

 12.48 PM 20 April, 2015

South West volunteers drive safely

A group of volunteers are ensuring that brigade drivers in Districts 4 and 5 are the safest possible.

 3.03 PM 4 March, 2015

Faces of CFA: FIB project officer Ian Hamley

Ian Hamley, Portland Fire Brigade, District 4

 9.52 AM 3 March, 2015

Casterton fire agencies join forces

CFA and DELWP recently joined forces to conduct a burnoff at Casterton. 

 6.05 PM 1 February, 2015

Gary Harker – AFSM

During his 47 years of service to CFA, Gary Harker has earned a solid reputation as a great supporter of his peers.

 12.55 PM 23 January, 2015