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Upgrade to south west training facility

Emergency services volunteers from across South West Victoria will now have better access to vital practical training thanks to an $837,928 upgrade of Penhurst Training campus. 

 3.02 PM 21 September, 2014

Fallen drums block Midland Hwy

Drums containing an industrial cleaning product have disrupted traffic on the Midland Highway at Meredith after falling from a vehicle and spilling onto the side of the road.

 2.38 PM 12 September, 2014

Bucket loads of support for MND research

Ocean Grove CFA has joined the likes of Bill Gates, Justin Timberlake and Oprah in getting behind the latest social media challenge in support of Motor Neurone Disease research.

 4.02 PM 21 August, 2014

Corio A shift go mental

Not many people want to talk about mental health. For some reason if we talk about it, it’s like there's something wrong with us.

 2.19 PM 11 August, 2014

Fire at North Shore wreckers yard

The good work of dozens of CFA firefighters has helped to contain a large fire to a wreckers yard in North Shore, Geelong.

 11.55 PM 8 August, 2014

Car into street light at Belmont

CFA crews attended a road accident in Belmont this morning where a ute had crashed into a lighting pole on the median strip.

 3.13 PM 6 August, 2014

CFA stops fire in its tracks

CFA firefighters stopped a grass and scrub fire in its tracks yesterday after it was threatening a nearby railway line at Corio.

 3.30 PM 30 July, 2014

Corio programs enter third year

What started as a conversation between five Corio firefighters about stepping outside the norm with engaging the community,  has seen the brigade enter its third year of community programs.

 8.11 PM 29 July, 2014

True service to Ocean Grove

When Ivan Lee first joined CFA at Myrtleford back in 1948, you had to be 18 to join. He was 16, but according to the lieutenant it was alright because he looked eighteen. 

 2.14 PM 28 July, 2014

Lara stars

You may see some familiar faces on your television sets over the coming weeks.

 5.00 PM 17 July, 2014

Keith Ross calls it a day

This Friday, 18 July marks the end of a chapter in life for Keith Ross, and the beginning of a new and exciting one.

 1.30 PM 16 July, 2014

Floating Debris in Port Philip

Queenslciff Coast Guard crews were tasked to search for a reported floating dinghy in Port Philip.

 11.23 PM 13 July, 2014

Bannockburn hazmat incident

UPDATE 11:07am: The hazmat is now safe. Crews will remain on scene until the container is removed by a transport company.

 11.37 AM 10 July, 2014

Red to yellow, with dignity

The 30th of June 2014 was a poignant moment in the 68-year history of the Ocean Grove Fire Brigade, when a handful of brigade members had the honour to witness the Captain, Steve Gibbs, change his Captain’s red helmet to the yellow 1st Lieutenant headgear. 

 6.55 PM 7 July, 2014

Bannockburn goes into Battle

For many years, Scotland was ruled by the English. Then on the 24th June 1314 led by Robert the Bruce, the Scots defeated the English and gained their independence. The battle was won at Battle of Bannockburn after which our town is named.

 5.58 PM 29 June, 2014

Hazmats keep fireys busy overnight

CFA crews were kept busy overnight after two separate hazmat incidents in the state’s south. 

 11.35 AM 12 June, 2014

New career firefighters start today

CFA’s 21 new career firefighters have arrived on station today, joining the ranks of more than 685 already protecting lives and property at fire stations across Victoria and supporting CFA’s 55,000 volunteers.

 3.48 PM 10 June, 2014

House fire at Portarlington

A family of four has escaped a fire which destroyed their home in Portarlington overnight. 

 9.19 AM 22 May, 2014

Cheer on your local firefighters

Word on the street is that the Junior Urban State Championships in Swan Hill and Senior Urban State Championships in Bendigo went off with a bang.

 11.36 AM 26 March, 2014

More than up to the challenge

It took just a few months for the Bannockburn Brigade members to realise that Jo Crockett's skills and abilities to lead and motivate people made her the obvious choice to become the Brigade's first elected "Community Fire Safety Officer".

 7.06 PM 25 March, 2014