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Quick save at Anglesea Golf Club

Firefighters saved the Anglesea golf club house from extensive damage after a fire broke out in an adjoining building early this morning.

 8.50 AM 5 September, 2013

Geelong vols' training initiative

Local volunteers in the Geelong area are helping CFA and SES make an important step forward in emergency services cooperation.

 2.37 PM 23 August, 2013

St Leonards major exercise

It was all on for young and old on Monday 12 August, when St Leonards-Indented Head brigade conducted a major multi-brigade exercise to test their pre-incident response plan for the Indented Head Boat Club.

 6.35 PM 21 August, 2013

Lara CFA/Nelson Park PAL Week 4

It was time to show the parents what the students had learnt. Week four and the final of this year’s Lara CFA/Nelson Park PAL program was upon everyone. It was time to go out in style!

 1.57 PM 20 August, 2013

Zero emissions station opens

CFA’s first zero net emissions fire station was officially opened today (18 August) at Anglesea.

 5.45 PM 18 August, 2013

Lara CFA/Nelson Park PAL Week 3

From the moment the students walked in we could tell that they were ready to go.

 6.55 PM 16 August, 2013

Lara CFA/Nelson Park PAL program

Seven enthusiastic students arrived on Friday 2 August to begin week two of the Nelson Park PAL program.Week two was all about hoses: learning the signals, operating the hose reel, using the hose with water and bowling the hoses out.

 9.38 PM 7 August, 2013

Lara /Nelson Park PAL Program

Friday 26 July marked the beginning of the Nelson Park PAL Program. The program is now in its second year after a well received program in 2012.

 4.31 PM 28 July, 2013

Ocean Grove history published

On 13 July 2013, the Ocean Grove Fire Brigade launched its history book  Ocean Grove Fire Brigade: Hodgson Street to Shell Road, 1946-2013 at the 31st Brigade Annual Dinner and Awards night. 

 10.06 AM 25 July, 2013

Community to vote on Bellbrae CFA

Almost 40 members from Torquay brigade gathered in the neighbouring township of Bellbrae on 16 July to warmly welcome CFA’s handover of the newly-constructed Bellbrae Fire Station.

 1.24 PM 23 July, 2013

Anglesea brigade going green

Anglesea Fire Brigade is settling into its new home ahead of the official opening of the state’s most environmentally-friendly fire station.

 5.39 PM 18 July, 2013

Scaredy cat saved by CFA

Story by Joanne Polley, BASO D7Another day in the life as a CFA Volunteer saw members from the Portarlington Fire Brigade undertake a dramatic roof top rescue.

 12.28 PM 17 July, 2013

Corio fundraiser helps refugees

More than 100 people from a refugee camp in northwest Thailand will have a new home thanks to money raised at a fundraiser organised by Corio Fire Brigade.

 11.52 AM 1 July, 2013

50 Year Celebration

On Saturday 25 May, members of the St Leonards – Indented Head Fire Brigade joined forces with members of the local community to celebrate the 50 year anniversary of the amalgamation of the St Leonards and Indented Head Fire Brigades.

 4.02 PM 24 June, 2013

Apollo Bay rope rescue training

All-volunteer Apollo Bay Brigade was already on the schedule for steep angle rescue training.

 2.49 PM 18 June, 2013

Fireys help rebuild lives and homes

Corio Fire Brigade members are raising money to help rebuild a refugee camp in northwest Thailand after a fire ripped through the Ban Mae Surin Karenni site earlier this year.

 4.15 PM 17 June, 2013

Leopold house saved by fireys

Firefighters have saved a Leopold house from being destroyed after a fire broke out in the ceiling of the large single storey home this afternoon (13 June).

 5.29 PM 13 June, 2013

Equipment boost for Portarlington

Story by Joanne PolleyPortarlington Fire Brigade has boosted its emergency response capability, adding a new Field Command Vehicle to its firefighting resources.

 5.11 PM 7 June, 2013

Victoria Police's message of thanks

Inspector Peter Seel of Victoria Police has written to CFA to express his appreciation and thanks for the crucial role CFA members played at a car accident last year, contributing to its successful outcome. 

 2.24 PM 3 June, 2013

The sting in the tail

Windy, warm conditions late in the fire season quickly turned a small scrub fire at Ferrers Road, Dereel, into a 1,200-hectare blaze that destroyed 16 houses and 15 outbuildings.This is the account of the fire on 27 March, through the eyes of Dereel Captain Darryn Hill.

 2.36 PM 27 May, 2013