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Member Engagement Volunteer Reference Group

The Volunteer Reference Group (VRG) is vital in assisting with the planning and organising of the State Forum each year; and is used as a reference for other matters relating to the role of volunteers in CFA community safety engagement and education.

 11.56 AM 26 October, 2016

Firey returns from MND stair climb

On Sunday 23 October, Ocean Grove Fire Brigade’s Adam Thompson climbed all 1,504 stairs of the Sydney Tower Eye in an effort to raise funds for motor neurone disease (MND) research.

 10.14 AM 25 October, 2016

CFA member steps it up for motor neurone disease

A CFA member is preparing to put on his firefighting gear and get hot and sweaty, despite being nowhere near a fire.

 9.13 AM 4 October, 2016

Pair saved from Inverleigh floodwaters

Teamwork across CFA, police, ambulance, SES and boat rescue crews saved a man and teenage girl from floodwaters in Inverleigh last night.

 1.06 PM 15 September, 2016

Students lead, students learn

By Emma Taunt Last week Anglesea Primary School Grade 6 students hosted an excursion for Aireys Inlet Primary School Grade 6 students – a full day event that was almost entirely student led.

 3.46 PM 14 September, 2016

Grain shed fire in North Geelong

CFA firefighters continue to remove 500 tonnes of grain from an industrial shed near Corio Wharf, North Geelong today, after the substance started smoldering last night.

 11.18 AM 30 August, 2016

Bahgallah back from the brink

Bahgallah’s captain and first lieutenant visited Regional BASO Victoria Pullen earlier this year to discuss the brigade’s viability. Casterton Group Officer Jeff Black also attended and saw “a few members banging their heads against the wall”.

 11.32 AM 26 August, 2016

Casey Group lays hose under pressure

On Sunday 24 July, brigades in Casey Group (District 8) participated in a relay pumping practical exercise based at the Monash University Berwick campus flowing into the car park of the Nossal High School.

 6.11 PM 14 August, 2016

Emergency Services Blood Challenge 2016

CFA take the lead in the 2016 Blood Challenge although it is still a tight race with the finish on Wednesday 31 August 2016.

 4.03 PM 12 August, 2016

Historic pub saved

CFA crews saved a historic part of the Batesford Hotel after a fire in the early hours of Thursday (4 August).

 9.18 AM 4 August, 2016

CFA helps remove patient from ship

CFA crews assisted Ambulance Victoria to lift a person from a ship docked at North Shore in Geelong this afternoon.

 4.38 PM 3 August, 2016

Dryer likely cause of fire

CFA crews responded to a fire in a garage in the early this morning (13 July) in Grovedale. 

 9.30 AM 13 July, 2016

Cycling to raise cancer-fighting funds

This week is Men’s Health Week, a country-wide event aimed at educating, promoting and raising awareness of all things to do with the health and wellbeing of men of all ages. A health crisis in member Ashley Browne’s family prompted him to embark on a fundraising bike ride for charity.

 1.46 PM 17 June, 2016

Faces of CFA: Acting VMO Meaghan Cooper

What are your CFA roles? I’ve been a Planned Burn Resource Coordinator since November 2015 and, since early April, I’ve been the Acting Vegetation Management Officer for districts six and seven. It’s a big opportunity.

 2.22 PM 19 May, 2016

Mosque fire in Geelong treated as suspicious

Update 8.32am: Victoria Police is investigating a suspicious fire that destroyed a mosque in Geelong overnight

 4.00 AM 18 May, 2016

CFA crews battle Norlane scrap metal yard fire

An overnight car fire in Norlane that caused significant damage to a scrap metal yard is being treated as suspicious.

 3.09 PM 12 May, 2016

Man rescued from metal bin

CFA crews have rescued a man trapped in a large skip at a Leather Street metal recycling business in Breakwater, near Geelong this morning (10 May).

 9.34 AM 10 May, 2016

CFA responds to Lorne crash and rescue

CFA and SES specialist rescue crews are working to free a badly injured truck driver, left trapped in the wreckage of his cabin after a crash in Lorne.

 4.39 PM 9 May, 2016

Thank you to our CFA families

In recognition of National Volunteer Week, the Brigade Support Team has collected 21 wonderful stories from families and communities in each CFA District.

 1.16 PM 4 May, 2016

CFA responds to refinery incident

UPDATE Tuesday 11.30am: Roads near the refinery have reopened and no hazardous material has been detected outside the refinery and the all clear has been sounded. Other areas of the facility are operating as normal.

 6.41 AM 27 April, 2016