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CFA celebrates Rural Women's Day

Yesterday (15 October) was International day of Rural Women, and CFA celebrated this great opportunity by highlighting the achievements of Gippsland volunteer Stephanie Montague.

1.49 PM 16 October, 2017

CFA connecting women

CFA is dedicated to supporting women and recently hosted a CFA Volunteer Network forum in Sale on Sunday, 6 August. The forum aimed to establish a women’s network amongst existing volunteers and to encourage local women to be a part of this great organisation. While the history of CFA suggests that it has been mostly male dominated, the tide is changing.

4.21 PM 11 August, 2017

Kindling a CFA love

Burning love for two CFA volunteers Eva and Daniel Banks.

10.20 AM 21 June, 2017

CFA volunteer warns of fungus in firewood

Glenaladale CFA volunteer John Hine was faced with a battle last year, one he never saw coming. This time last year John was cutting up the annual supply of Redgum wood on his farm in Woodglen. John had no idea he was inhaling a small fungus that lives in some timbers.

2.57 PM 31 May, 2017

From NSW to Vic, volunteering is in Tam’s blood

Tam Adams is a highly valued CFA volunteer with Benambra Brigade. She joined the brigade in 2013 and shortly nominated to become Secretary.

11.19 AM 31 March, 2017