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Product recall extended for Moretti oil heaters

The previous National Product Safety Recall issued in April 2017 involving the Moretti brand oil column heater has now been extended to include all Moretti and Click brand oil column heaters.  The recalled heaters were sold nationally by Bunnings from 1 January 2017 to April 2017.

8.46 AM 8 May, 2017

Product recall: Moretti 11 Fin oil column heater

A National Product Safety Recall notice has been issued for the Moretti 11 Fin oil column heater Model No. MC35B2, Batch 12/16 (OLN 9532, OLN 9539). 

2.31 PM 30 April, 2017

Training on the analysis of fire scene evidence

CFA Fire Investigators had the opportunity to attend the latest Victorian Association of Fire Investigators (VAFI) training session which was held on Wednesday 22 March 2017.

5.17 AM 24 March, 2017

Court training for fire investigators

CFA fire investigators had the opportunity to attend a training day on the topic of 'Collection to Court for Fire Investigators'.  This training day was held on Saturday 15 October 2016 at the Victoria Police Academy in Glen Waverley.

9.00 AM 17 October, 2016

Victoria Fire Investigation Inter-Agency Agreement

The Victorian Fire Investigation Inter-Agency Agreement was recently reviewed and updated. This Agreement has now been formally endorsed and signed by the agencies involved in fire investigation in Victoria. 

12.48 PM 19 August, 2016

Fire investigators kept busy attending scenes

CFA fire investigators have been busy across the state attending over 250 fire scenes between 1 October and 31 December 2015. This is a 25.25 per cent increase in the number of scenes attended by fire investigators compared to the same time last year.

1.18 PM 4 January, 2016

Fire Investigation presentations to VicPol BAELOs

During the months of November and December 2015, a series of training sessions were delivered to Victoria Police members who undertake the role of Bushfire Arson Explosives Liaison Officers (BAELO) with presentations from Detectives from the Victoria Police Arson & Explosives Squad and the CFA Fire Investigation Section.

10.38 AM 18 December, 2015

Training in marine vessel fire investigation

The latest professional development opportunity for CFA Fire Investigators was conducted as part of the Victorian Association of Fire Investigators (VAFI) training day on Thursday 10 September in Echuca.

9.23 AM 12 September, 2015

State Fire Investigation Forum 2015

The State Fire Investigation Forum was held at Dixons Creek on Sunday 19 July 2015 with over 60 CFA fire investigators from across the state attending.

8.22 PM 25 July, 2015

Fire Investigations conducted during 2014

Did you know that CFA Fire Investigators attended over 800 fire scenes across the State in 2014 to conduct investigations into the origin and cause of fires?

7.44 AM 13 February, 2015

Preservation of fire investigation scenes

The CFA Fire Investigation section has developed the Fire Scene Preservation poster to raise the awareness of the importance of fire scene preservation and the process of requesting fire investigation assistance at fire scenes. 

11.42 AM 12 January, 2015

Training Day at Wangaratta for Fire Investigators

Article written by: Operations Officer Mark Collins On Thursday 11 September, fifty members of the Victorian Association of Fire Investigators (VAFI) converged at the Wangaratta Campus to take part in Fire Investigation Training.

7.06 AM 6 October, 2014

Fire investigation training in Fiji

Three CFA Fire Investigation Instructors travelled to Fiji during July 2014 to deliver the inaugural Structural & Vehicle Fire Investigation Course to the National Fire Authority (NFA).

3.58 PM 23 July, 2014

Fire Investigation Training Session

Over twenty (20) CFA Fire Investigators attended the latest Victorian Association of Fire Investigators (VAFI) Training Session that was held on Thursday (26 June 2014) night at the Federation Training – Chadstone Campus.The theme of the training session was the identification and awareness of electrical power industry assets along with vegetation clearance from power lines.

9.03 AM 27 June, 2014

Fire Investigator training

Nine CFA personnel have recently completed the Structural & Vehicle Fire Investigation Course at the CFA’s State Training College at Fiskville.

10.28 AM 16 June, 2014

Fire Investigation Room Burns

In preparation for the Structural & Vehicle Fire Investigation Course Assessments three (3) room burns were recently conducted at the CFA’s State Training College (Fiskville).Two groups being the District 13 Captain’s Forum and the Recruit Fire-fighters Squad 1/2014 had the opportunity to be involved in the room burns for the course over two separate days.

8.59 AM 4 June, 2014

Fire Scene Preservation

The actions and observations of the initial responding fire-fighters are critical in the success of the subsequent investigation into the origin and cause of the fire.

8.17 AM 18 December, 2013

New Crime Stoppers Signs

Crime Stoppers Victoria has recently updated the large “Arson is a Serious Crime” signs. 

7.07 AM 18 December, 2013

Investigation of machinery fires

The latest Victorian Association of Fire Investigators (VAFI) Training Day was held on Thursday 31 October 2013 at the CFA’s Training College – Longerenong Campus.

7.59 AM 4 November, 2013

State Fire Investigation Forum

Over 70 fire investigators, fire investigation team leaders and district fire investigation coordinators from across the state attended the State Fire Investigation Forum at FiskvilleTraining College on Sunday 28 July 2013.

7.26 AM 11 September, 2013
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