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Calm efforts recognised when the heat is on

It's sometimes said there's a reason for everything we do, even though we might not recognise it at the time.

10.31 AM 22 November, 2017

Big push for big fill

Newstead Fire Brigade has been known for its occasional spontaneous use of tradition... sometimes at a ceremony.

5.49 PM 22 May, 2017

Up in smoke

Rick had just finished putting away the grubby brushes and rags, just as he had done the previous day, then closed the old shed doors.

12.41 PM 22 March, 2017

Groups: a long and winding road

Christopher Simmins from Newstead Fire Brigade looks at the history of CFA's Group system.

9.14 PM 28 November, 2016

Newstead Group brunch

Sunday morning on the 26th of May 2013 was dull and foggy with a light rolling mist.

10.15 PM 14 June, 2013