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Board communique

The CFA Board held its regular monthly meeting on Monday 20 February 2017.  

10.05 AM 24 February, 2017

The original firebomber

Victorian pilot Keith Davidson’s life in the air and on the air base is pioneering stuff.

4.31 PM 15 February, 2017

Tennis, treats and a big thank you

Delicious nibbles, drinks and a bird’s eye view of Venus Williams and Andy Murray were just a few of the perks that ten CFA members and their partners were treated to at this year’s Australian Open.  

2.07 PM 10 February, 2017

Balance in life always adds up

Picture this: at school, your favourite classes are science and maths. You relish the opportunity to solve complex chemical equations and show your intellectual prowess in calculus and statistical analysis. 

9.47 AM 10 February, 2017

Pump up the volume

District 14’s Research and Eltham brigades have an evolving risk on their back doors.

10.23 PM 9 February, 2017

Good will on the road to recovery

While attending a buck’s party in Melbourne on Saturday 7 February 2009, Chum Creek resident David Laity received the phone call he’d been dreading. 

9.48 AM 7 February, 2017

See it first on CFA Members

Ever find yourself wondering what the other brigades are up to?

10.42 AM 1 February, 2017

Talking and walking ‘safety first’

CFA has turned up the ante on safety with a tool called ‘Safety Share.’

1.16 PM 30 January, 2017

Consultative Committee holds second meeting

The CFA Performance and Policy Consultative Committee held its second meeting on Monday 16 January at CFA headquarters.

10.08 AM 25 January, 2017

Board Update: January 2017

The CFA Board held its monthly meeting on Monday 23 January.

2.06 PM 23 January, 2017
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