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125 years of the Nhill Fire Brigade

  • Ron Zanker, District 17 CFA VFBV President, Ian Day, District 17 CFA Operations Officer, Stephen Warrington, CFA Acting Chief Officer, Dale Russell, CFA District 17 Operations Manager and Joel Borgelt, Nhill Fire Brigade Captain

By: Brooke O'Connor

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  10.45 AM 30 October, 2013

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After a spectacular light display around the arena at the Nhill Show on Thursday 17th October, the Nhill CFA continued to celebrate its 125th years of serving the community on Saturday morning with a free breakfast at their modern Fire Station.

From the early hours of the sunny morning, fire brigade volunteers were busy setting up the station and hard at work cooking the bacon, eggs, sausages and toast for members of the community.

By 8am, a slow trickle of folk started arriving and by 9am the station was abuzz with chatter and chewing.

Dave Donnell entertained some of the small children with a “pretend” ride on the beautiful old red fire engine on display and with hard hats precariously perched on their little heads the children squealed with joy and delight.

At the stations fullest it was estimated that well over sixty people had ventured down to the fire station to enjoy the breakfast as well as check out the up-to-date Nhill Fire trucks on display.  At one point there was not even a vacant seat in the place and it was obvious the community were relishing the 125years celebration.

The banner placed at the front of the station attests: “Nhill Urban Fire Brigade- We Strive to Save- Duty Always-125 Anniversary 1888-2013”.

Congratulations to all the members of the Nhill Fire Brigade and thank you for your continued service to your community.


 On 8th May 1888, a public meeting was held to form the Nhill Fire Brigade. 

 On the 12th of June the Brigade purchased a house reel to be made, costing 21 pounds ($42). 

During this month a three roomed cottage was destroyed by fire.  As there was no fire bell, the newly formed brigade did not know of the disaster, so on the 12th of June, a fire bell was ordered, costing 17 pounds.

During July, August and September the new fire bell, the hose reel, belts, spanners, uniforms and helmets all arrived.

During February 1889, the Nhill Fire Brigade members travelled to Ballarat to compete in their first demonstration.

On the 23rd July, 1889, the brigade was advised by the Minister of Lands that the site for the erection of a fire station had been approved.  The Nhill Fire Brigade applied to the Victorian Government for a grant to erect a Station House (the brigade had sufficient equipment but no funds for building).  On the 10th September, the brigade received a subsidy of 575 punds. 

The darkest hour in history of the Nhill Fire Brigade must surely be the total loss of the Fire Station on 6th November 1930.  The fire totally destroyed the Nhill Fire Brigades Station, engines, reels and equipment.

 A ceremony took place on 16th June 1931 to lay the foundations for the new fire station.  The Country Fire Brigade Board also provided a new engine in replace of the one lost.

The brigade have recently recognised the service of its members by presenting long service awards ranging from 5 years of service to 60 years.



Last Updated: 30 October 2013