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2012/2013 Summer Intent

By: David Baker

  11.00 AM 6 March, 2013

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As I write this column Victoria continues to battle bushfires on various fronts.  As our state meets the challenge, our colleagues across the nation also maintain a war footing as they work hard to protect their own communities. 

I'm proud of the contribution made by Eastern Metropolitan region members over the last few months, who have gone out to all points of the compass within and outside the state to serve diligently alongside other emergency service personnel.

In the midst of increased response activity this season, I'm also encouraged to see our local brigades still committing to community engagement efforts with their local residents. We are seeing increased numbers of community members attending Fire Ready Victoria sessions and engagement events with their local brigades - never forget that this work is as important as getting your truck out the door to respond to a fire.

The Regional Community Capability Team has continued to shift its focus on service delivery within the region. To demonstrate its commitment to a fresh approach to this valuable work, the team developed and signed on to a 2012/2013 Summer Intent.

The Summer Intent makes the following key statements:

  • Key community safety messages will be delivered to targeted community members
  • Brigades will be in control of local community engagement activities and events
  • Region staff will support brigades.

This is definitely a case of ‘less is more'. In three concise statements the team has adopted a dramatic shift in who shapes the service delivery and how support is provided.

In line with the overall direction of CFA's Creating Our Future Together, the Chief Officer and his leadership team agreed in December 2012 to implement new teams at the regional level. These changes are consistent with recent corporate changes and reflect the contemporary approach to CFA service delivery.

Accordingly, I authorised the following changes to take effect in the region from 1 January 2013. We will no longer have a Community Safety Department or Operations Department in Eastern Metropolitan region. The two functions will join together to become a single Fire and Emergency Management team with distinct, yet complementary, portfolio responsibilities.

  • The regional Command and Control team will become Fire and Emergency Management (Emergency Management Planning) team
  • The District Operations team will become Fire and Emergency Management (Readiness and Response) team
  • The regional Community Safety team will become Fire and Emergency Management (Community Capability) team

As we continue to work through the remainder of the season don't forget to pace yourself and ensure you look after your welfare and those around you.

During difficult times your personal resilience will make the difference in how you cope. Don't forget your training, the welfare support available and that you're part of a big team at CFA that is focused on the right outcomes. Most of all, remain realistic and positive about the part you play.

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