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2012 Kalorama Fun Day

  • District 13 Operations Manager David Renkin with Fire Services Commissioner Craig Lapsley
  • Dandenong's Bronto Sky Lift visted on the day
  • All the Brigades coming together for their group photo
  • Ready to take a group photo from 30 metres up
  • Competition begins between the brigades with the perspex fire targets
  • All hands on deck
  • The mystery fun competition heats up
  • CFA's Phil Turnbull and Tony Haining, Rotary and former Olinda Police Sergeant with their trophies
  • Olinda Leading Senior Constable of Police, Tim Wall and Tony Haining from Rotary presenting awards on the day

By: Roz Long

Category: Youth & Juniors

  3.18 PM 15 November, 2012

Location: District 13 News

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Sunday 28th October 2012 marked the 15th Kalorama Fun Day Competition for CFA’s “Hills Group” of Junior Brigades.

Approximately 80 junior members and their junior leaders competed for the coveted Mountain Districts Junior Fire Brigade Challenge Trophy which has been proudly sponsored by the Olinda Police and the Rotary Club of Montrose and District for the past 15 years.

CFA ‘s Phil Turnbull from Kalorama & District, Rotary Member Rob Osborne and former Olinda Police Sergeant Tony Haining  instigated this very successful annual event 15 years ago for the young members of CFA Hill’s Brigades to come together in order to apply their knowledge and skills with fire drill activities that they have been training and practising for throughout the year, and of course  in the process, have fun.  Special guests on this beautiful sunny day was the Fire Services Commissioner, Craig Lapsley, PSM, David Baker, Operations Manager from District 13, and the Dandenong Bronto Skylift Tanker.

This year saw Kalorama & District take on the reins as host committee and the competition included Junior Brigades from Belgrave, Emerald,
Kallista /The Patch, Kalorama & District, Monbulk, Rowville, The Basin and Upwey.

Events included Hose Bowling, Turn Out, Drafting, Target and a special mystery "fun" team event where all the leaders and juniors ended being wet.

Results at the end of the day had Kallista/The Patch Team 2
win the overall competition. 

Hose Bowling:          3rd               Rowville 1

                                     2nd               Belgrave 1

                                     1st                Monbulk 1

Turn Out:                     3rd               The Basin 1

                                      2nd               Kallista / The Patch 2

                                      1st                Emerald 1

Drafting:                      3rd               Monbulk 1

                                      2nd               Kallista / The Patch 1

                                      1st                Kalorama & District 1

Target:                         3rd               Kallista / The Patch 1

                                      2nd              The Basin 1

                                      1st               Kallista / The Patch 2

Overall:                       3rd               Kallista / The Patch 1

                                     2nd               Emerald 1

                                     1st                Kallista / The Patch 2

Trophies were presented by Mdu Radebe, President of the Montrose & District Rotary Club and the new Olinda Leading Senior Constable of Police, Tim Wall to the winning teams.  Best and Fairest Junior award went to Justin Perkins from Sassafras/Ferny Creek Junior Fire Brigade.

The Brigades contributed to special trophies for Phil Turnbull and Tony Haining (former Olinda Police Sergeant and now in Rotary) who instigated this event 15 years ago.   There was also a plaque for the brigade that was seen to have the Best Team Spirit - Kallista in this case.

Thank you Rotary for the fantastic financial contribution they make every year in providing both the trophies as well as emblems/patches for the juniors to place on their overalls.  Their support annually to this great event is in the order of around $1,000 per year.

Thanks to Colin Jenkins from Kalorama and the other Committee Members who assisted with the organisation of this wonderful event.

Last Updated: 15 November 2012