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2013 People Matter Employee Survey

By: Mick Bourke

  11.00 AM 14 May, 2013

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CFA is again participating in the People Matter Survey, which is designed to measure and build positive and ethical workplaces in the public sector.

This survey will measure how you feel about CFA and gather information on a broad range of issues that affect your working life, such as how you feel about the values and principles that underpin our culture and operations.

Thank you to the employees who took part in the 2010 survey. Unfortunately, the response rate was not high enough for us to make full use of the results and we're looking for greater participation from all CFA employees this time.

The results from this survey will not only assist us with ongoing tracking and improvement, but also help us understand where we sit compared with other government agencies.

It will complement the culture survey that last took place in May 2012 to measure our existing and preferred culture, and provide valuable information on our progress towards that preferred culture.

The survey link has been emailed today inviting all CFA employees to participate before 31 May.

I ask that you take up this opportunity to make CFA a better place to work. While public sector s were consulted about this survey during its design phase, UFU has discouraged people from participating in organisational surveys in the past.

The greater the participation from all areas of the organisation, the greater the likelihood that the results will provide a true reflection of employees' opinions.

The survey results will help us identify emerging issues as well as areas of focus for further development by CFA, and will inform our action plans to achieve our preferred culture.

The People Matter Survey is being conducted by State Services Authority on behalf of Victorian public sector organisations. We will share the results as soon as they become available in mid-August.

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