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2015 Police and Emergency Services Games success

By: Simon Egan

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  10.36 AM 4 May, 2015

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On Sunday 19 April, CFA members competed in Tenpin Bowling in the 2015 Victorian Police and Emergency Services Games.

Simon Egan and Chris Cody from Wyndham Vale Brigade, and Chris Treffers from Wodonga West Brigades and Tony Treffers from Barnduda Brigade competed against fellow Victorian emergency service colleagues.

The Tenpin events for the day included singles, doubles and teams events, with three games played in each category

CFA Came out with some pretty good results for the day with multiple silver medals and some gold medals.

Team Captain Simon Egan was very happy with his team's results and their attitude through out the day in tough lane conditions and a very close competition.

“Lane conditions were tough as the oil on the lanes slowly started to break away, causing teams to change their styles of bowling and approach.

“I was very proud of my team on their individual results and also how well we worked as a team.”

It was a tough day as we had some quality competion from other agencies, a lot harder than previous years. Agencies we competed against include Victoria Police, Australian Federal Police, Ambulance Victoria, SES, Corrections Victoria, Vic Roads, Volunteer Coast Guard and Emergency Management Victoria.

The team is looking forward to the Australasian Games on the Sunshine Coast in 2016.

Full results listed below:-

B Grade Singles: Silver medal to Simon Egan

C Grade Singles: Bronze medal to Chris Treffers

B Grade Doubles: Silver medal to Simon Egan and Chris Cody

C Grade Doubles: Silver medal to Chris Treffers and Tony Treffers

C Grade Teams: Gold medal to Simon Egan, Chris Cody, Tony Treffers, Chris Treffers

C Grade all Events (Overall) Bronze medal to Chris Treffers

B Grade all Events (Overall) Gold medal to Simon Egan

Last Updated: 05 May 2015