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2015 Victoria Police & Emergency Services Games

The Annual 2015 Police and Emergency Services Games will be held on 10 April to 15 April. 

Visit for information on events and registration.

Administration/registration and entry to the 2015 Victoria Police and Emergency Services Games is online ONLY. 

The administration fee of $10 is payable only once. Payment of this fee covers:

* Registration processing
* Website development
* Postage and volunteer costs

This year there will be no event books. All sporting information will be available via the games website.

If you are a first-time CFA competitor, when you have registered contact the CFA Sports Recreation Association for your free CFASRA Polo shirt. 

CFA teams that register in any event, should also contact the CFA Sports Recreation Association for team support (sport shirts, bibs, etc). 
For further information contact the CFA Sports Recreation Association on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Get your brigade members/colleagues together and enter a team. Playing the game, meeting other emergency workers and having fun is the object of the Games.

Problems registering online??? Read below...

You will need GOOGLE CHROME on your computer to access the sports area.


How to register online?

STEP 1: For All Games Participant and Team Captains

All games participants create an account.

1. Go to


3. Select GAMES PARTICIPANT and click on NEXT

4. Read and acknowledge SECTION F and click NEXT

5. Complete your personal details and click NEXT



STEP 2: For Team Captains Only

Team captains must register team name and team code to allow team members to join.

1. Click on TEAMS – ADD TEAM

2. Select the team sport and click on NEXT

3. Select the team event and click on NEXT

4. Enter your team code and team. * Important: Select a team code that can be easily remembered by team members.

5. Click on ADD TEAM

6. Distribute TEAM CODE to team members to join!

7. Team captains can go back to TEAMS to track who has joined their team.


STEP 3: For All Games Competitors

1. Click on ‘Click Here To Register’ to ADD EVENT

2. Select your sport and click NEXT

3. Enter your team code (only applicable to team sports)

4. Select your event and answer additional information and click on NEXT

5. Click on SUBMIT

6. Repeat steps 1-5 until you have nominated all your events

7. To complete payment, go to ACCOUNTS and click on PAY $X.XX NOW

8. Enter your credit card details and follow the process to SUBMIT PAYMENT

9. You will get an online payment confirmation message and an automatic receipt via email.

10. IMPORTANT : When registration is completed, click on LOG OUT Note: You may go back into your account at any time to check your sports or add more events.

Please note the following:

•             Extra security measures for entry to Games sporting venues will be introduced for the 2015 Games. Please ensure that you have your ID when entering a Games venue.

Last Updated: 13 February 2015