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2016 Shelley Burn Camp success

A total of 52 volunteers, career staff from Districts 12, 22, 23 and 24, and HVP employees from Northern Victoria and New Zealand attended this year’s Shelley Burn held over five days from 9 to 13 April.

Ideal weather conditions enabled activities to be conducted every day in the field including fuel hazard assessments, fuel moisture reading, cultural, heritage and ecological site assessment, burn plan and complexity rating development and site preparation. Once sites were prepared appropriately and ignition approval was gained, the sites were burnt by the participants.

An opportunity allowed burn camp participants to attend and assist with a 400 ha burn with DELWP in the Koetong area which proved to be a valuable experience for many. This opportunity was due to the generous support shown by DELWP Upper Murray manager Aaron Kennedy.

The partnership developed with HVP to utilise small parcels of native vegetation with in their estate continues to grow in strength and a highlight was having a HVP staff member from New Zealand attend the camp this year.

The burn camp is provided to ensure attendees experience all elements required to conduct simple planned burns with the intention of build brigade capacity and capability. No-where else is this opportunity available with in CFA.

The camp was coordinated by North-east Region Vegetation Management Officers, Phil Hawkey and Phil Browne.

The camp was supported by District 24 management team, instructors John Kneebone, Roger Strickland, Tony Scicluna and Mark Barrile, HVP management and staff and Terry Ouroumis from the CFA Planned Burn Project.

Last Updated: 27 April 2016