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$29M for fire trucks is good news

By: Peter Beaton

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  12.25 PM 1 May, 2014

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The CFA volunteers’ association, VFBV, says today’s announcement of $29 million and 78 new trucks for volunteer Brigades is good news for CFA volunteers.

[VFBV Media Release]

Volunteer Fire Brigades Victoria (VFBV) CEO Andrew Ford says the trucks are being directed to the right end of the fleet.

“Seventy-four of the new trucks will be modern medium tankers, which were designed with VFBV and volunteer involvement and will go to volunteer Brigades in country Victoria and the outer suburbs, where the need is greatest,” Mr Ford said.

“Volunteers have been working hard to inform State MPs on the need for CFA’s fleet of front line fire trucks to be brought up to date, and today’s announcement is a welcome sign that we are being heard,” he said.

“Seventy-eight new trucks and $29 million dollars is a good start, and VFBV is keen to continue working with Government towards a long term solution to the ageing of the fleet.”

CFA’s fleet of 2,200 front line fire trucks is well maintained, but currently includes more than 500 that are over the 20 year age limit that is common practice among Australia’s fire services.

“With a fleet that size, there needs to be an ongoing replacement program and reliable ongoing funding to enable CFA, Brigades and the truck manufacturing industry to plan ahead,” Mr Ford said.

“CFA volunteers will be pleased with today’s announcement, it is a sign that the Government is listening, and a good start towards an ongoing solution that better protects the Victorian community,” he said.

Victoria has 60,000 CFA volunteers in 1,200 Brigades, protecting 60% of suburban Melbourne, regional cities and all of country Victoria every day and night of the year.

Last Updated: 05 May 2014