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30 hectare fire at Nathalia

By: CFA Media

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  10.14 AM 26 November, 2014

Location: District 22 News

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Following an accidental fire started by a slasher near Nathalia yesterday (25 Nov), Operations Officer Shane Sutton has urged landholders to have appropriate suppression equipment on hand while carrying out work on their properties.

“This fire should come as a reminder to farmers that fires can start and spread on any day,” he said.

“Farmers must ensure that they have knapsacks or extinguishers nearby – and be aware that this is required by legislation," he said.

The 30-hectare fire started just after 3pm yesterday and despite relatively cool conditions spread rapidly through grassland, continuing into DEPI-controlled river territory.

A Helitak (water-bombing aircraft) was dispatched to help fight the fire, quickly bringing it under control at 4.10pm.

Six CFA tankers responded, with DEPI crews managing the eastern flank. Several hay bales were destroyed and continued to burn after the main fire was extinguished.

Last Updated: 26 November 2014