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30 years service to CFA

By: Giulia O'Keefe

Category: Honours & Awards

  4.51 PM 18 February, 2015

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Operations Officer Trevor Logan celebrated 30 years of service to CFA today in a fun and informal way with his colleagues at District 22.

His dedication and loyalty were celebrated over a morning tea at D22 HQ on Wed 18 February 2015, 30 years to the day that Trevor joined CFA.

In true D22 style, fun was the theme of the morning tea, with bright-coloured streamers, balloons, photos and memories shared for all to see. Morning tea was provided by some of the staff and all were invited to join in the hot savouries and home-baked goods. 

In North East Region we're lucky enough to have a staff member whose Mum bakes magnificent ginger-fluffs so she was called on to create the Celebration Cake and it was better than any champion Master Chef could create! It was topped with lit candles and presented to Trevor with a joyous rendition of "He's a Jolly Good Fellow".

Trevor asked his colleagues seated at the table to each tell their story of where they were 30 years ago. This provided much laughter, teary eyes and parallels with each other not known before. Some of the highlights of the 30-year reports included one staff member who was playing with play-doh at kindy, teenagers dreaming of rock star futures and reminiscing about the lovely days of being newly married and having young children. The most popular place 30 years ago was in high school, with several staff all starting out in Year 7.

As we all knew where Trevor was 30 years ago, he was asked to go back one more year before his recruit course. Most of those in the room had no idea of Trevor's career-changing epiphany but all of us were extremely happy that 30 years later we were able to share with him this extra special day.

The smiles could be seen all day and the laughter heard from every corridor of the building. It was a fantastic day and we look forward to seeing Trevor receive his 30-year badge in a more formal way at a later date.

Last Updated: 19 February 2015