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4 years, 1000 tankers

  • Crew Retrofit Program, which finished up June 2014

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  9.51 AM 1 July, 2014

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After four years and more than one thousand tankers, the Crew Protection Project retrofitted its last vehicle at Deca in Shepparton on 27 June.

As a result of the project, which also involved more than 23,000 metres of hose and 150,000 fittings, all CFA tankers with a 1000L or more of water are now protected.

The task has been a monumental one in almost every way imaginable, according to CFA Engineer Andrew Webb.

“We engaged an extra 26 workshop staff, purpose built the site set-up at Deca and outsourced a number of builds to Bell Environmental,” he said, adding that the task had stretched many suppliers.

“Everyone was pushed to meet very tight deliveries.  What started out as 844 vehicles was expanded by 25 per cent to more than 1000 and yet the project was able to remain within budget.

“At one point we had exhausted stocks of Ø1” stainless steel pipe fittings Australia wide.  In a couple of instances people were coming to us and asking if we had any spare!” said Andrew.

The Deca workshop was the last site to remain open as the project was brought to a close, with workshop sites progressively closing over the past 12 months.

As the last truck rolled out the door, the final figures were as follows:

Trucks    1,062
Hose    23,500 m
Stainless steel pipe  21,000 m
Fittings   150,000
Wiring    175,000 m
Curtain material  enough to cover ½ the MCG!!
Aluminium panelling  50,000 kg

Andrew thanked every CFA workshop, the staff at Deca and Bell Environmental, the casual drivers, suppliers, Tamara and admin staff. He also paid particular thanks to the Project Managers (Danny, Kelvin , and especially Peter Hill).

“It has been a huge team effort and one we should all be proud of,” he said.

Last Updated: 01 July 2014