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625 years of service to the Seaton Community

By: Emily Haala

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  9.48 AM 21 October, 2014

Location: District 10 News

Views: 1965

The Seaton community came together on Sunday 19 October 2014 to celebrate and officially open their new station and to pay tribute to members of the township’s fire brigade.  The opening of the station was a great day for the future of the brigade and allowed for recognition of the people who have built this brigade into what it is today.

The Hon Tim Bull, Member for Gippsland East, unveiled the memorial plaque for the new station.

The Seaton Brigade, originally known as Dawson Seaton Rural Fire Brigade, has been serving the community for over 65 years.  In recent times, the community and brigade were significantly impacted and played a vital role in the 2006 Coopers Creek fire and Aberfeldy fire of 2013.  The new station replaces a 35 year old building allowing for improved meeting and training facilities which will enhance and strengthen the brigades relationship and importantly visibility within the community.  It provides an improved service and a facility to meet future needs of the region funded through the CFA’s rural fire station program.

Guests and members celebrated a combined total of 625 years’ service to the Seaton community and CFA.  Graeme Lord, Brigade Captain received a 30 year clasp.

Awards recognised were

5 years service

Elspeth McGregor

Ross McMillian

Jennifer Monod De Froideville

Alan Robinson

Steve Whelan

10 years service

Rick Land

Thayer Lukjanov

Sue McDonald

15 years service

Jessica Robinson

Tony Watts

Melanie Clarke

Kylie McMillian

Graeme Morgan

20 years service

Steve Hales

Judith Knight

Diane Land

25 years service

Linda Lord

30 years service

David Allman

Graeme Lord

Ray Monod De Froideville

35 years service

Desmond Allman

John Chester

Helene Dennis

Richard Dennis

John Sunderman

Kelvin Sunderman

Bill Lack

45 years service

Keith Vardy

Last Updated: 21 October 2014