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A Culture of Fire

By: Debra Salvagno

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  6.27 PM 1 June, 2016

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National Reconciliation Week begins each year on 27 May; the day after National Sorry Day. This year, district offices and brigades were encouraged to fly the Aboriginal flag as a mark of respect on National Sorry Day, 26 May.

Reconciliation Week gives all Australians an opportunity to pause and reflect on what we’re doing to help heal the past. History impacts the present, and discussions during Reconciliation Week help us understand that for many Aboriginal people, the traumas of history have an impact on their present. This week, let’s think about what we as an organisation can do to help heal the past and – together – form a more positive future for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

This week also marks the anniversary of the launch of CFA’s Koori Inclusion Action Plan, or KIAP. The KIAP is a road map that plots how we, as an organisation, can strengthen our relationships with Victoria’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. A short documentary film was also launched alongside the KIAP last year.

The film, appropriately called ‘A Culture of Fire’, profiles some of CFA’s extraordinary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander members. It also explores how our shared culture of fire can bring us together to keep our communities safe, whilst respecting the role that fire has played in both Indigenous culture and community, and shaping the Australian landscape over thousands of years.

The 26-minute film can be viewed on CFA’s Youtube channel (see link below). The other link will take you to a recent story from the ABC, detailing how farmers in NSW are using Aboriginal cool-burn fires to recover biodiversity and rejuvenate degraded farm land.

CFA’s A Culture of Fire Film:

ABC Story:

Last Updated: 02 June 2016