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A day at the races

By: Megan Angel

Category: Training & Recruitment

  2.42 PM 26 August, 2013

Location: District 8 News

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Casey Group crews converged on Cranbourne Racecourse for the Casey Group exercise on Sunday 25 August.

The focus of the day was on urban-based scenarios in a realistic environment and on water management techniques and methods.  

Drills included:

Search and rescue from within the multi-storey grandstand function rooms and roof top as well as the use of the Dandenong Ladder Platform to retrieve victims from the roof top and 3rd level judge’s box atop the grandstand. The rescue proved challenging with limited accessibility. Retrieval of the victim from the highest point involved good teamwork and many safety issues were considered in planning the execution of the rescue. 

A hazmat incident was also set up where crews in BA and splash suits were tasked with finding unaccounted victims of a chemical spill within the stable works area. This drill involved the Hallam Hazmat unit and focussed not only on search and rescue but on accurate identification of the substance and appropriate management of the hazard. Operators were decontaminated on exit from the complex.

The final drill involved a pump relay from a dam at the front of the racecourse and utilising the Scoresby Hose Layer and Clyde Big Fill Pump, various relay methods were used to transfer and supply water approximately 650mtrs to the Dandenong Ladder Platform using various sized pumpers and tankers (and 27 x 30m lengths of 90mm hose!)

This exercise highlighted the value of being able to move large volumes of water over a long distance with minimal appliances and certainly fuelled food for thought on alternative methods that could be utilised in some rural and urban scenarios which traditionally commit many vehicles for long period of time supplying water to the front line attack.

Solid exercising is the key to developing and maintaining our skills and allowing crews to participate in these types of training days always provide an opportunity for people to get the most out of their training. Many people contributed to the success of the day and in particular the specialist appliances added an opportunity to gain an exposure to their capabilities as well as providing a realistic scenario based platform for them to maintain their skills.

Finally thank you to the Cranbourne Turf Club for providing the facility and the assistance provided in organising the day. It’s with the collaboration and involvement of local organisations such as this that we can enhance our skill sets and provides a valuable platform to continue to improve our capability in serving the community

DGO Tony Riley

Last Updated: 28 August 2013