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A family brigade

  • Brigade stalwarts David Ferguson (55 years), Bruce Witherow (65yrs) and Jim witherow (70yrs)
  • Back row: Ron Ferguson, Noel Bennett, Ken Fletcher, Graham Witherow, Brett Dobson, Ken Heywood, Craig Ferguson, John Rouch. Middle Row:Andrew Gilman, Howard Brown, Maureen Rae, Jan Witherow, Robert Ferguson, James Neary, Kelvin Peart, John Witherow. Front
  • Three generations of the Witherow family were presented with awards - Jim Witherow (father - 70 yrs service), John ( son - 40 yrs service) and Graham (grandson - 10 yrs service)

By: Craig Hearson

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  3.21 PM 7 March, 2016

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Nestled in a valley between Beechworth, Myrtleford and Wangaratta, the Bowmans Forest district may have no town centre, store, or school but the local community has a strong heart.

At the heart of the community is a core group of families, all active within the community, supporting the hall, the tennis court, cemetery, landcare group and the fire brigade.

Bowman-Murmungee Fire Brigade has been officially active since 22 January 1906. The original minute book is filled with surnames common among today’s membership, such as Bennett, Ferguson, Heywood, and Witherow. Currently, the brigade management team is led by a Bennett and the secretary is a Witherow. Three generations of the Witherow family remain active in the brigade, together with two generations of Bennetts, Heywoods and Fergusons.

The brigade operates two fire trucks – a CFA-provided Isuzu 3.4D and a VESEP-funded Isuzu 15.4D – housed at separate locations either end of the brigade area.

Last Updated: 23 March 2017