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A great day in Edi Valley for Moyhu Group exercise

By: Craig Hearson

Category: Training & Recruitment

  3.26 PM 24 October, 2016

Location: District 23 News

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The ground may have been too wet for vehicles to venture off road but the sun was shining last Sunday in King Valley for the Moyhu Group exercise.


The annual Moyhu group exercise was held around the scenic Edi Upper area in the King Valley. After one of the wettest winters experienced in many years, the valley is a vibrant lush green colour; the grass is in rapid growth mode, the dams are full to overflowing, with every watercourse running out of the nearby hills running at a high stream flow.

The unseasonably wet conditions experienced this year have created a situation where access to paddocks and bush tracks in the high rainfall area was not possible. Undaunted by this obstacle, the group management team utilised extensive local knowledge and staged the exercise on known solid surfaces. The exercise was well attended, with all 9 Moyhu group brigades and Wangaratta career firefighters assisting the Local command team in the District Mobile Communications Van (MCV).

The training day was especially beneficial to the high number of newer members and some more experienced firefighters using the day to familiarise themselves with recent tanker changes. Of the 9 brigades in the group, 7 have received new or upgraded appliances in the past few years, of these 7 tankers, 5 have been supplied to brigades in the past 18 months.

Moyhu Group Training officer Roly Matheson was especially pleased by the high percentage of youth involved on the day, commenting “it was really great to see new faces, young people and a good number of females at today’s event. The new trainers delivering for Moyhu group was a highlight of the day for me. Also, it was really appreciated that the team from the fire station and district office came and supported us throughout the day - All working together for a common goal”.

Moyhu Group Officer Derek McPherson was pleased with the attendance and enthusiasm of members attending, noting many local farmers were busy making silage or cleaning up on their properties after the recent floods.

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