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A lead up to Fire Action Week

By: Kerry Murphy

  11.00 AM 7 November, 2011

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At the October Board meeting, the Chief Officer reported on the conditions that indicate an above-average grassfire risk this fire season. One hot, windy day in October produced almost 60 grass and scrub fires alone.

Community messaging, operational briefings and strategic planning are being influenced by this forecast. An example is the deployment of a secure medium tactical helicopter and a fixed wing aircraft to the Mallee for the first time, to help mitigate the fire risk during harvesting.

Updated Township Protection Plans with key community information will be mailed to more than 140 high-risk communities in November.

Chief Executive Officer Mick Bourke updated the Board on the coordinated work arising from the recommendations of the Jones inquiry into arrangements for volunteers as overseen by Lex de Man, Executive Manager of Operational Training and Volunteerism.

It's full steam ahead for fleet services. The Board was informed that the crew protection retrofit program is running ahead of schedule; tender evaluation is underway for 74 medium tankers, and technical and operator sign-off has been obtained for three mobile field training units.

The bunker boot program has now sized and distributed approximately 4,000 pairs of boots to eligible members. It's expected that the roll out will be completed by June 2012.

In the last round of firefighter recruitment, we received 749 applications including an encouraging number of applications from CFA volunteers.

CFA is working with the Department of Sustainability and Environment on a shared leadership and management professional development framework for incident management teams. Consideration is being given to the Fireline Leadership and Incident Leadership courses jointly conducted by both agencies being integrated into this framework.

The Board was informed of the brigades and groups across the State preparing for the fire season with desktop exercises and out in the field, along with pre-fire season briefings. Many members travel long distances to attend these exercises and enjoy the fellowship of their group. It's a busy time for all members on the front line.

Some 430 brigades will participate in CFA Sunday on 20 November. Thank you in advance for volunteering your time, energy and local knowledge. It's an ideal opportunity to talk to your communities about fire safety and also enjoy a neighbourly conversation over a barbecued sausage at your fire station.

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